No prize for second place?

Is there any professional competitions where the field is greater than 2 and only the top team or individual gets anything out of it? i.e. everybody else leaves with nothing.

If so, has a Tiger Woods or Roger Federer of that sport come around to trounce everybody else?

I think I may have seen a poker tourney where only the top person got something, but my memory is vague.

Sure, the Top Gun trophy. I remember it clearly from the movie.

There are definitely winner take all poker tournaments. Hads-up games, if no others. There are also tournaments called “shootouts,” in which multiple tables play until only one person is left per table, then the individual table winners compete at a final table. There’s an ongoing shootout tournament series on Fox Sports right now called “Poker Dome Challenge.” Tables of six play down to a winner. Every six winners move on to a semi-final and play down to one. Then the final six of those tables move on to a final table for a million dolaar winner take all grand prize.

That’s right. Remember boys, no points for second place.