No RO in the pit yet about Amari dying of dehydration

It may come soon.
Here is the link 2 accused in dehydration death of Connecticut toddler

Quotes from said story - ‘She also told them she had previously lost custody of four children because of drug addiction.’
‘She was planning on depriving Amari Jackson of liquids for a week and didn’t realize that Amari could get sick by dehydration.’

Do these idiots really think that all 2 year olds are completely toilet trained?

And you know what else? It’s mid-April already and we haven’t had an RO pit thread about somebody leaving their pet or child in a hot car. It has been hot enough for it to be a problem in the southern states at least, and we haven’t had somebody here ranting about it.

What other RO stories are we missing? Let’s list them all!

If you like, here’s the first of the season from our side of the pond. It even has the added RO benefit of the toddler dying while mom was busy gambling.

A couple of real classy looking individuals, is all I can say about the photos in that link.

Well, good heavens, if there’s a shortage of toddler RO, all you have to do is put “toddler” into GoogleNews, and hey presto! A heapin’ helpin’ of toddlers who were forced to smoke marijuana before they were sexually abused by the babysitter and had to watch their mommies killed in front of them and be attacked by a pit bull and abducted from the daycare center and eat cigarette butts before they climbed into the family car in the driveway and died of heat stroke, were kidnapped, scalded by Grandma, killed by Auntie, drowned in the swimming pool, drowned in the river, drowned in the pond, drowned in the creek, drowned in rain water that had collected, were shot, beheaded, shaken, hit by a car, hit by a speedboat, burned to death in a mobile home fire, run over by their dad in the driveway, and killed by falling off the front porch and getting caught in the mini-blinds.

Really, it’s as much as your life is worth to be a toddler these days.

On the upside, dehydrated toddlers are much lighter to carry when hiking…

Anyone else read the thread title and wonder how Amari Stoudemire died of dehydration and why they didn’t hear it mentioned on ESPN?


Sorry. Not a fan of basketball, and managed to misspell his first name. (I mostly just hear it on TV and don’t see it written.)

Well smack me in the face and call me Betty. You can get sick from that ? :smack:

Stupid ******* people

It’s disgusting to know what happens to these kids, but then they just slap everyone in the face with comments like that. “I didn’t know obvious life saving crap.” - Go kill yourself.

I nominate this for one of the darkest jokes I’ve ever seen here. It made me snigger out loud.

True, but I find re-hydrated toddler is tougher when cooked over a camp stove or open fire than fresh. Re-hydrated really needs a slow low braise, home oven is much better for that, easier to control the heat.
^ Oops, looks like I got some toddler stuck in my teeth. :eek:

CMC +fnord!

Ladies and gentlemen welcome aboard the train straight to hell.
crowmanyclouds welcome, you are in seat 1A right next to Staggerlee.

I’ll be in the dining car.

I’m still a might peckish.

CMC +fnord!
Toddler is like chicken wings, bad meat to bone ratio. Ya start out with a heaping plate and you end up with a heaping plate!
Now baby, that’s like the chicken thigh of human meat. Mmmmm, free range baby.

Hey, he’s cute! I’m not a fan either, and so I was gently poking fun at you bringing up the name. I’ve never heard of him. :wink:

Also, this bratty kid has certainly learned his lesson. He won’t be pissing the bed again.

you don’t do this well.

I thought it was funny.

WTF, how could the first one be funny, but not the second. Or, let’s just badger 2.5 until we get him banned, too! Asshole.

Unless this is a username/post whoosh that I missed. In that case, it’s pretty funny.

Gee, I guess we should give you a “What is funny” course. Or we could say that you are a moron who doesn’t get the difference between an (overly extended) play on words and saying “Hyuk, yuk! He totally deserved it”, even if it was meant in “ironic” fashion.

Let me ask a question. If the kid is fed fruit and vegetables and other ‘normal’ food, would the kid die if he was given no drinks at all? Surely not.