No searching allowed: who are the 8 black QBs to ever start a Super Bowl?

I just saw this start on NFL Game Day. Off the top of my head I can think of Doug Williams, Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson, and Donovan McNabb. Yeah I could look up the answer but can you name them, or the others, off the top of your head?

No searching allowed: who are the 8 black QBs to ever start a Super Bowl?

No searching…

It started with Doug Williams (who was asked prior to the game how long he’d been a Black quarterback)

Then, we have…

Donovan McNabb
Colin Kaepernick
Patrick Mahomes
Jalen Hurts

(Hmmm…are you sure they aren’t counting Mahomes 3 times for each start?)

ETA: D’oh! I re-read the OP. I forgot Russell Wilson!

I searched. One I hadn’t heard of and one is obvious when you think about it.

I cheated, since it was bugging me.

Steve McNair (later to be killed by his mistress) and Cam Newton (who couldn’t be bothered to try to recover his own fumble) were the other two I couldn’t recall

Doug Williams
Steve McNair
Donovan McNabb
Cam Newton
Russell Wilson
Lamar Jackson
Deshaun Watson? Daunte Culpeper? I don’t know.
Patrick Mahomes

The eighth is starting today. Nice job on the other seven.

No offense, but he got 2 wrong.

Lamar Jackson hasn’t made it to the Super Bowl yet, and Culpepper and Watson haven’t been, either.

No, the eighth is Colin Kaepernick .

I don’t think Hurts counts, since he hasn’t started yet.

They were (almost) all fresh in my mind because I just saw a YouTube video yesterday that was about the best quarterbacks of various styles of play. All of these were mentioned, mostly as great scramblers, but a couple were in other categories.

Ah. I didn’t count Hurts. So there’s only 7 who have actually started as of now. And I’m not a he. (Just FYI).

I do apologize. No disrespect was intended, but I was clearly relying on a stereotype about football fans.

So, ignorance fought!

Without looking, I’d have guessed McNair, McNabb, Mahomes, Wilson, Newton.

I wouldn’t know the other three. Williams was before my time though.

He was the first.

I remember him in particular because he used to play for the Bucs, who were ostensibly my home team growing up. They had a pretty toxic culture, though, and I hated them. People blamed most of the team’s problems on Williams at the time, and he wound up playing for Washington (I think he was traded). And then he won a Superbowl with Washington, which I thought was awesome.

Was that the same Super Bowl where the Skins had a fourth and one and John Riggins ran the ball 40 yards around end?

No, in that one they beat the Dolphins, and Joe Theismann was the quarterback. This was the ‘82 season.

Williams won a few years later when the skins beat the Broncos after the ‘87 season.

Someday, Lamar. I won’t give up hope.

As great a story as that one is, Michael Wilbon and Bob Kravitz remember it rather differently - the reporter (Butch John of the Jackson Clarion-Ledger) asked “Obviously you’ve been a black quarterback all your life.
When did it start to matter to people?” Williams apparently couldn’t hear the whole question, and when he answered “How long have I been a black quarterback?” the funny story was off to be races while the truth was still struggling with its shoelaces.

Snopes has the details with references to contemporaneous accounts:

I haven’t read the thread, let’s see if I can go through this chronologically:

Doug Williams
Steve McNair
Donovan McNabb
Russell Wilson
Cam Newton
Patrick Mahomes
Jalen Hurts

I’m missing one. I don’t remember the last dozen Superbowls as well as I remember the previous 30. Also I don’t know if I got the order correct with Russell Wilson and Cam Newton.

It’s much harder to remember the losers. For example, I can’t remember who the Saints beat.

EDIT: Now reading the thread, Colin Kaepernick, of course. I should have remembered him, but I didn’t remember that Superbowl at all.

The black QBs to start a Super Bowl:

22 — Doug Williams
34 — Steve McNair
39 — Donovan McNabb
47 — Colin Kaepernick
48, 49 — Russell Wilson
50 — Cam Newton
54, 55, 57 — Patrick Mahomes
57 — Jalen Hurts

Thanks all!

Thought this topic looked familiar.

Sorry dude, clearly I missed that!