No, she's not in line, she's on a cellphone!

So, I went to the post office yesterday. I go in, and see that there’s a woman on a cellphone standing where the line usually is, and an open post office window. Seeing that the woman was making no motion towards the open window, I approach the window, only to be tartly informed that “the lady is in line.”

I couldn’t believe that the clerk would rather wait for a customer who might, at some theoretical future time, want to use his service, instead of serving the customer who was ready to go. By my understanding, a line’s purpose is to determine who gets to use a service first when there are multiple people who want to use that service. Since I was the only one who wanted to use the service at the time, I figured a line would be unnecessary.

Now, I can understand wanting to pass the time in line on a cellphone. However, if you can’t wrap it up before it’s your turn to go, then you have to let people go by until you can wrap it up. Only once you’re ready to go do you reclaim your spot at the hed of the line.

To the lady’s credit, she did finish up pretty quickly after I arrived. I’m pitting the clerk’s enforcement of backwards line rules more than I’m pitting the woman on the phone.

Ya damn right she ain’t in line!!
Whoops, sorry. My rage overwhelmed my grasp of english. I work in a deli, and our informal policy is that if the person is on the phone, we take the next person in line. I cannot believe that the clerk would give preference to a person that can’t simply hold the call for a second. Yeesh.

Was she hot? ::ahem::

I fucking hate cellphones. I’m sick of people in stores jabbering away about personal issues, and I’m sick of dumbasses who cannot talk and drive at the same time, but attempt to do so while cutting me off or running me off the road.

And, the other day, some dipshit at the gym was talking on one while he was on the elliptical machine next to me. Hey dumbfuck! If you can have a conversation, you aren’t getting much of a workout.


Ok, I’m better now. :smiley:

The clerk was a little out of line (HAW! HAW! HAW!) If I find myself on the cellphone with somebody who I can’t hang up on, I still keep my wits about me enough to see and move up when the window’s open and keep the phone down during the transaction.

Most of the time when there’s an SUV that’s going slowly or driving erratically (and they always have those Mafia boss tinted windows) and I overtake them, my dad if he’s with me calls out “cellphone!”. When I overtake the person, yep, he’s right 90% of the time.

Actually, if you can’t have a conversation, you’re working too hard for sustained aerobic activity.

Yes, that’s true, my trainer said you’re supposed to be able to talk coherently otherwise you’re not breathing properly–BUT–I usually see such people ending up slooooowing down a lot too, thereby making the workout ineffective. And on the ellipticals, when one of your hands is not pumping the handles, you’re totally wasting your time. Pain in the butt when there’s only six and people sign up for the slots a while in advance, like at my club.

And people who are sitting cross-legged chatting on the phone on one of the twelve stretching mats when there’s a long line of people waiting for one? Death is too good for 'em.

True, but Indygrrl is right, nothing is more fucking infuriating than to be at the gym and have some dipshit stop his workout, or waste a sit-up bench to take a goddamn phone call.

Some of these people are so fucking important that they keep the earpiece in the whole time they’re working out, so they don’t miss a call.

Who’d want to be ON the phone with someone like that? I talk to someone on the phone, they tell me they’re at the gym, I hang up so I don’t have to hear the gasping and sweaty breathing.

What the fuck is it with cell phones in gyms. I leave mine at home when I work out. What in the world could there be that can’t wait for 45 minutes? Really.

There’s one guy at my gym that does this. We call him Sasquatch because he’s completely covered with hair front and back. He’s also the guy who grunts and groans loudly while lifting. :rolleyes:

Is he 100% right when it involves non-SUVs?
Just curious. :wink:

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Yeticus Rex, yes he is, but the thing is from a car we can’t see up into the tinted-window SUV until we’re close to it. In a regular car we can see the jerk on the cell right away.

Around here, all the post offices have a sign saying that you’re not allowed to be on your cell phone at the window. And they enforce it, too; if you get to the front of the line and haven’t hung up, they’ll refuse to serve you and take the next person every time.

And my gym has signs everywhere that you’re not allowed to be on your phone on the gym floor. Makes life much easier.

I hate to see places have to put up all those “no cell phone” signs, but idiots who insist on using them inappropriately deserve what they get. The rest of us, it’s no big deal because we wouldn’t be using them then anyway.

Okay, I realize I’m showing my age here, but why do folks need to be accessible 24/7/365? I remember a time when I had no qualms about going out to the store, the post office, to work – you get the picture – without worrying whether my family or friends would be able to get a hold of me.

I’m not knocking the technology or its appropriate use, please don’t misunderstand me. I have a cell phone, and I use it. It is actually the only phone that I have right now, and I’m grateful to have it, especially when I’m on the road. It’s comforting to know that I have a means of communication should the need for help arise.

I’m also not bitching about folks who carry one all the time for legitimate reasons - I know what it’s like to be on-call. It’s also a beautiful thing to be expecting your a new grandchild, niece or nephew and not be tied to a land phone. These things I definitely appreciate.

But for the love of all that is good and right in this world… people, People, PEOPLE! Please exercise grace, manners, and common sense by remembering: most other people do not want to hear about your personal life whilst you are getting groceries, dining in a restaurant, or standing in line. I certainly do not appreciate the reckless driving that oftentimes is exhibited by people who are talking on their phones while operating a moving vehicle.

And one more request, please… if I’ve made special plans to spend time with you, especially if we are going out for lunch or dinner, I beg you to not take that phone call unless it is absolutely necessary. It is a courtesy I would show you, I would hope you would consider returning the favor.

I’ll be getting off of the soapbox now… I’m putting it in the corner if anyone else should like to use it. I thank you for your time.


I remember being in a locker room when I was working in a casino, chatting with one of my coworkers, and one of the cocktail waitresses nearby gets on her cell phone while we’re talking, then proceeds to start waving her free hand at us to “shush”.

How rude, to get on a cell phone in a place where people are talking, then expect them to curtail their conversation to accomodate you, instead of, oh, say, taking the cell to a quieter location before you make your call. Even if the call was of an urgent nature, it’s not like she was on a payphone where you’re basically tethered to the spot. Cell phones are portable. People talk in locker rooms while they’re changing from their street clothes to their work uniforms. Take appropriate action and go somewhere else to make your phone call.

I have to admit that, other than in case of emergency or the situation where your pregnant wife is two weeks overdue, I just don’t understand the obsession with being cellphone-accessible ALL THE TIME. Hell, I’m perfectly happy going for DAYS without speaking two words to anyone. I don’t WANT to talk to most of the people who call me anyway. I don’t get the people who absolutely can’t be unconnected…it’s like there’s this desperate need for conversation, as if they’d cease to exist without someone to talk to every minute of the day.

I have a cell phone. It’s a Virgin Mobile Kyocera no-frills, non-folding, non-MP3-ringtone, non-gaming, non-internet-access, pay-as-you-go $20 every three months, non-fashionable, purely function, in-case-of-emergencies thing. I never use it, other than to keep in the car when I’m taking a long trip in case the vehicle blows up. supervenusfreak uses it more often than I do (for calling the van when he takes his mother to her doctor’s appointments). Every time it does ring on the rare occasions I even have it on, I wince. Because I HATE TALKING TO PEOPLE!

I really don’t get the walkie-talkers…

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REALLY, though… yes, cell phones are quite irritating. When you are put on hold, in real life, by someone else’s phone call… you just fell down a technological rabbit hole. It makes putting someone on the phone on hold, for another call, seem like an absolute courtesy. Boo for the postal worker, if the lady was making a personal call, and not something like an address double check or a valid query.

If you get a call, simply move aside… let the next person be served. As long as you’re not holding up the line… you’re cool.

Dazzling White Diamonds mentioned one of my greatest pet peeves… being out with someone, then they get a call from a friend and sit there discussing old Super Nintendo games for a half hour… come on! I took the time to actually physically see you! Yet i’m on hold for some yutz 3 blocks away who feels like chatting at the moment.

And those walkie-talkie phones… is there any better way to let every single person within hearing range know exactly what you think about everything? While being able to pass it off as telling someone who cares, but probably doesn’t?

Wow… I kinda went off there. In conclusion, Yay technology. Sort of.

I long for the good ole days when you could yell, “Chinaman!” and be right 90% of the time.

How do you pull a rickshaw and talk on a cell phone?

By cutting other people off, and swerving erratically, thats how. Damn those inconsiderate… rickshaw drivers!

There are some of us that due to our choice of career, must be accessible 24/7/365. You want phone service? 24/7 You want water, electric and gas? 24/7 Hospitals, doctors and the likes. 24/7 Normal population that works 8-5 M/F no weekends or holidays…No.

I do carry my cell and pager everywhere. I do not use my cellphone while I am in the car. If it rings, I either pull over or wait until I reach my destination. Our company has a policy that cellphone use while driving is forbidden. They do not want us risking our personal safety or someone else’s. If I am waiting in line somewhere and my phone goes off, it can roll to voice mail until I have completed the transaction. 2 or 3 minutes isn’t going to kill someone for a call back.