NO! Tell me it's not true!!!! AAAaarrgh!

Tonight, after eating a ham and cheese in the kitchen, I looked into the mirror over the sink to see if I had any mayo in my mustache. It looked like I did, so I wiped. Then I wiped again. Then I realized that only one strand had mayo, so I picked that one and wiped it individually.

It dawned on me. I have a grey hair in my mustache. NO! I never thought that I’d have grey hair, mostly because I am a redhead, and most redheads I know don’t lose their red, or if they do, it turns auburn, and then later, much later, might turn a dark grey/silver color.

I have no problem going bald, even though it looks as though I won’t. (Even when I shaved my head, I knew it would all grow back.) But the grey thing! I have no idea how to handle that. I at once felt old. I’m 27, and most of the people I know or hang out with are at least 5 years younger than me. I’m not saddened, but I feel weird, like I have something that I don’t want to have, but at the same time I want to show people. Weird.

I don’t know how to react to my first grey hair. I’m sure a lot of you have gotten your first by now, and I’m sure the majority of you have handled it gracefully…

For now, I’m just gonna stare at this strange hair…

Wanna trade?

Oh, it only gets worse. Pretty soon you’ll notice you can’t run quite as fast as used to. And cuts don’t heal quite as quick as they used to. Minor aches and pains start appearing.

Yep, welcome to the beginning of the end.

And the knees! They’ll be going any day now …

I know the feeling.Last week after my 33 birthday . I noticed a stray grey hair.Now i really have started to feel old.

I guess we know you aren’t going to be like that guy Elaine dated on Seinfeld. The one who shaved his head and Elaine talked him into growing it back and when it did, he had a receding hairline and he basically turned into George.

Where was I going with this? Ummm, oh yes, getting old. I found my second grey hair last weekend. The first one, a short wiry one was discovered a few years ago and my sister pulled it out because she thought I looked like Alfalfa. It never came back. Grey (white actually) hair #2 was the same texture as my regular hair and apparently had been there for awhile since it was about 5 or 6 inches long. The hub pulled it out and I’m hoping that it won’t come back for a dozen more years or so.

I’m 47 and only have four or five silver hairs. The women in my family gray late, if at all. But I remember about five years ago when I saw my first one. I called my mother and wailed “Mom, guess what I found on my head!” She was worried (it’s a mom thing) and thought it would be some sickness or skin disorder.

Brood, I found my first grey hair at 27 too. I stared at it for days, holding it up in different lights, trying to convince myself it was actually blonde. (I’m a redhead.) It didn’t work. Now I’m 43 & have not seen my actual hair colour for years thanks to L’Oreal. :slight_smile:

Last week I bought my first bottle of glucosamine pills for arthritis prevention.

But I swear, the first grey pubic hair I see is going to send me screaming into the night. Can anyone enlighten me when that happy event is likely to occur?

My hairline started receding when I was 20. (My father was bald by the time he was 24.)

When I got my first grey hair, I started to pull it out. Then I realised, it’s a hair!

If grey hair bothers you, dye it!

:slight highjack: My favorite name for a beauty shop that specialises in punk doos. “Curl Up and Dye!” (Really exists outside of Houston.)
:End Highjack:

I dunno when it’ll happen for you, sweetie…but I’m 33 and already have like 5 in the nether region. Luckly a razor takes care of that, and a lot of jokes to the hubby about “him wearing it out”…the first grey eyebrow freaked me right the hell out though!

/Tweeze tweeze tweeze/ OW!

There’s this guy I know who has a ‘tuft’ of white hair on his head. It is on the top, towards the front. It looks like he died it white, but it is is real hair color for that spot. He’s tried pulling them out, but they always come back. He’s 23 and they are the only grey/white hairs he’s ever had. Weird, is all.

I’ve been greying for ten years (since I was about 22) and losing it slowly about the same time.

It sucks eggs.

I don’t get too bothered by gray hairs. Found the first one when I was sixteen. THey haven’t increased too in numbers over the last 10 years (my mom started going gray at 18). Got more in my beard, but oh well.

Now, as for balding. I wish. Hair is a pain in the ass and I have too much of it. I would gladly give up half, if it would just depart evenly (and if I have to hear one more hair-cutter-person say “You have such thick hair, you are so lucky!” I will go postal).

sits back, arms behind head ahhh, it’s great being a teenager. Being able to do anything because I’m so nubile and flexible and young…

Yeah right! I feel like I’m 70 and I’m only 18. I have a bad back, I can’t run without getting exhausted, I have bad eyesight and so on. I probably look like a 70 yr old already. I sometimes wonder where my youthfulness went and can I please have it back?

Thankfully, I inherited Dad’s hair… it’s fine and straight, no natural body, BUT at 47, I have yet to see a gray hair. I could be good for another 10 years!! (Mom started going gray at 40.) Hubby, otoh, has been graying and thinning since he was 30. His beard is almost completely white, and I’ve found a few white hairs on his chest and arms… poor baby…
Of course, last year, my eyes completely let me down - I’m sporting progressive lens tri-focals. And I’ll not address the knees and back and stiff fingers… but DAMN, my hair looks good! :smiley:

33, here, and with several white hairs along the temples. The onset of white hairs didn’t really bother me, as my beard and mustache are variegated anyway, with various shades of blond, brown and red (so what’s one more color?).

And, as Revedge said, it’s a hair! The forehead just keeps on getting bigger at an alarming rate…

Harry Hill: “When did you first notice it, sir? Were you like me – one day you noticed that it was taking longer and longer to wash your face?”

Yeah, this is pretty much right on target. You forgot about the “grunt” you suddenly start making when getting up off the floor or out of bed.

As for the gray hair, I started getting gray at about 20, and had a good bit of gray by 23 or 24. Most of it is right in front in my bangs, and on the sides. My hair is dark brown, and the gray was actually snow white, so it really stood out.
As Carina42 said, thanks to L’oreal and Clairol, I’ve kept my “natural” dark brown hair for quite a while now. My dad was gray by 30, so I just blame him.

I don’t know about you, but I’m 26 and I found mine last month. I thought it was kind of neat, though.

You put mayo on a ham and cheese? Yuck. You’ve more problems than goin’ white buddy!

First grey hairs in my black/brown

15 years old

First time I started looking at hair dye

17 years old

First use of home hair dye
18 years old.

If I don’t dye my hair every 6 weeks or I will have a head of mostly grey hair.

Now you want problems.

Nose hair and EAR hair growing like weeds.

And yes some of them are grey.


Stop your noise you.