No, thank you. I don't want an XCam. No. Really. No, dammit!

Okay, it’s a given that popups suck- it’s my computer, leave it alone. Disabling javascript sucks on other, legitimate sites, and I’ve yet to find an anti-popup program that works well. I’m sure some of you will suggest some.

Popups bite. But I can deal with 'em. I usually just avoid sites that use them to advertise. This has worked- until recently.

XCam. Man, if they didn’t put popups on EVERY damn site I visit, I’d probably get one- they look pretty cool, and are nice n’cheap, too.

But no- they feel the need to advertise. EVERY DAMN TIME. Here’s a hint, assholes- if I don’t want one the first time, taking control of my computer to try to sell me one every time I visit a legitimate webpage won’t make me change my mind!

Sorry. Had to vent. ahem

Thank God. I thought I had downlaoded some freakin’ virus on my computer that popped up that annoying XCAM advertisement. Glad to see I’m not the only one afflicted by this. Maybe we should start a support group.

Is Xcam the one that advertises with the picture of the camera next to a photo of a cute chick? Am I the only one thinking that this is encouraging creepy pervos to add 2 + 2 and say “hey, I could put one of those teeny little cameras under my sister’s toilet seat!”. I am? OK, never mind…hey, how much are those Xcams anyway? I could use one for my, uh, birdwatching hobby. Yeah, that’s it…

It’s an FBI plot! Every time that XCam motherfucker pops up it’s actually taking a picture of you which is transmitted back to the feds. So, ya’ better be havin’…

I just read a thread similar to this one on another board. A poster there reccomends a program called POW that is available here:

It is supposed to stop thiose annoying ads.

What has the world come to when someone can’t look at some nice hardcore goat fisting without having to bat away 15 pop-up ads!

Be havin’ what? Fun? :wink:

mblackwell, you mean there are OTHER boards?? :eek:

Now, I’m the biggest fan X10 has on this board, but their heavy-duty marketing is about to drive me crazy. Whatever you do, don’t let them start emailing you! Every day it’s another reminder of the fabulous sale they have going that day. I have had them turn it down to weekly, which means they only contact me THREE times a week.

The funny thing is, the products work okay and the sales can get pretty damned good. Beats the hell out of the “deal” I can get from my own company. So I’m bidding on a Grid Palmpad that I can mount to the wall with a shareware home automation program and a hookup to my X10 system and…

Just wish I knew a good place to stick one of them cameras, hehehe!

“O, then, I see Queen Mab
hath been with you.
She is the fairies’ midwife…”
–Romeo and Juliet, Act 1, Scene IV

Question… are these the kinds of popups that only appear ONCE, so that if you minimize it they stop reappearing? If so, I suggest you just minimize the window and wait 'til you get back to “safer waters”… that’s what I do every time I go through Tripod/Angelfire/Whatever websites.

I hated to bump this thread, but these pop-up things are really starting to mutilate my mango. I recall seeing something on Opal’s LiveJournal page about how by clicking on a link you can disable these x10 cam ads for a month. But you know, since I’ve done that I think they’ve locked their weapons on me and are firing at will. [remembers he’s in the pit] Every FUCKING time I surf, up comes the little eyeball from hell. “And remember folks, it’s small and concealable, but only use it for legal purposes.”

I gotta agree with dropzone about x10 in general. We built a barn to house my wife’s horses and wanted to have the lights controllable from the house. Rather than running additional wires to the barn, we used the x10 stuff. By simply replacing a couple of light switches and adding a stick-on control pad we had what we wanted.

It’s funny though. The electrician that upgraded our house, wired the barn, and set up x10 is a authorized x10 reseller. When he was pitching the idea to us he told me to check out their web site but by no means give them an email address. Even their rep knew how much their marketing sucked.

Oh yeah, mandatory pit obscenity: Shit fuck whore.

Thank you.

No, actually, you’re not. I refer you to this thread, in which I ask the same question. Said thread also includes some helpful suggestions on dealing with pop-up windows.

Check out their latest ad.

At the bottom of that page, click the link, and the ads will be gone. Supposedly.

That quit spying on people ad is hilarious!

Our entire fraternity house is wired for automated sound, motion, light, and video for only about $500 thanks go, but their advertising does suck hard.


What was the most craven insult was how it popped up so that you couldn’t just click it avay reflectively, with the pop-up killer eye every web user developed when Geocities had those little pop-ups. No, first you have to move it, then close it! That alone made me decide that while I wasn’t going to buy it anyway, I wasn’t going to read it in library, either.

Good thing, though, that that newer ad goes nicely to center of the screen. It still isn’t completely unannoying, but it’s getting there.

…and yet what do they have a picture of?

What’s next:

“Please don’t use our cameras to spy on women in store dressing rooms.”

“On no account should these cameras be placed in cheerleaders’ locker rooms.”

“Whatever you do, never ever use this camera to spy on nubile barely legal Asian teen sluts!”

Someone’s been talking to their lawyers, I suspect.


I actually like the X10 ads, but for an oblique reason. These offensive ads have inspired thousands of people to install ad-blocking programs. In order to make a fast buck, they’re screwing the whole web advertising industry. And it’s a vicious circle. The more ads get blocked, the more desperate measures advertisers will take to get noticed. And they have no chance of winning. The ads deploy on a CPU under the user’s control, and they will exert it if the ads are obnoxious enough.

For those of you interested in blocking advertising like the X10 junk, here is a simple, effective way that requires no additional software:

It has the additional benefit of completely blocking web bugs which are used to track your movements across the web. Note that you will have to locate the IP address of the advertising server and add it to the blocked list.

I also encourage the use of alternative web browsers with blocking features. I particularly love OmniWeb, which has an option “prevent popup windows except in response to a click.” Netscape 6 had this feature at one time, but it was removed in response to corporate advertising pressures.

Ahhh, much much better. I am directing all of my friends there forthwith. I configured, loaded up a few banner-heavy pages, and cackled with glee at the wasteland of empty boxes. Made my day.