No threads about AOC’s dance moves?

I’m surprised: it’s tearing up Twitter.

I had no idea she had such a slammin’ bod. This changes everything. :wink:

Why oh why is there no eat popcorn emoji/smilie thingy?

On topic, I haven’t seen the video. I’ve been too busy.

There’s a thread somewhere.

I figured there would be, but Google turned up nothing, and a visual scan of the topics didn’t seem to show anything. Can you please link me?

I can’t imagine that any of this has even the slightest bearing on the worth of her ideas, but what you’re looking for seems to be right there.

Sure, cap off an OP on a silly issue with a sexist comment. Why not!

It’s not sexist!

Beto has a slammin’ bod too. Better? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, but I’m not clear on why it has to have anything to do with her ideas. She wasn’t trying to present “ideas” in that video, at least not the kind you’re talking about. I wish there were more young, pulchritudinous hotties in Congress (of both sexes) instead of all the platonic-looking middle-aged and old folks.

Better get a refund for that thesaurus.

This is wrong.

This is a warning for being a jerk. This isn’t pornhub. Plenty of places online to engage in this type of behavior - this is not one of them.

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