No Wikipedia article on Marshal South

I was going to post this in GQ, but there probably isn’t a factual answer other than “no one has created one yet”.

Just finished watching the fascinating show on PBS’s Truly California about Marshal South. Now, I had never heard of him before, but he seems to have been quite a famous individual in his time. I went to wikipedia to find out more, and… nor article!

I have been astounded in the past at the comprehensiveness of wikipedia, so I was rather surprised.

Any thoughts?

Any other “missing” wikipedia pages?

Not sure this was shown outside CA, btw, so if you live elsewhere, don’t be surprised if it wasn’t on your PBS affiliate.

The movie intro trailer/clip seems to imply that some sort of betrayal or tragedy happened that broke up the family, but there is little to nothing on the web about the specific content of the film. What are they referring to?

There was a divorce, but I think I wasn’t paying too much attention at that point. It had to be very isolating to live like that. The two younger kids were interviewed, and they seem very normal and well adjusted. I think the oldest kid severed ties with the family.

They were home schooled, but they all tested well above grade level, and went on to have successful careers.

That is odd…especially due to the content and the fact that there’s a movie involved. You’d think somebody would put up an article for the publicity.

Here’s a link to an interesting short article on him.

Kind of reminded me of Grey Owl, in a way.