No, you bloody well can't se my Green Card, you doddering old fool.

Typical LA stop-and-go traffic, inching North on La Cienaga, when my philosophical musings on the uselessness of the PMP certification is rudely interrupted by a Mercury making contact with my rear fender. Loose objects, CDs and cell phones go flying, the ususal. Well, everybody seems OK, cars are mostly intact (no broken glass) and there’s a spot to pull over, so that’s what we do. We start the tiresome ritual of copying down insurance information etc., when the other driver (female, I’d say 65-75) notices that I have an accent. And with that, her ears perk up.

She asks if I’m American - I tell her no, permanent resident - my accent is noticeable and that’s not unusual small talk for me. Turns out she doesn’t want to make small talk, she wants to inspect my Green Card. And that is where my courtesy comes to an abrupt, screeching halt. No, ma’am, I don’t think so. In fact, I think you’re striking the altogether wrong tone, here. You rear-ended me, and now you’re getting in my face about my immigration status? Driver’s License, no worries. Insurance information, certainly. But frankly, if you think you’ve found an angle to get out of your liability, you’re not just wrong, you’re quite remarkably wrong. It is very much in my nature to be nice to older ladies, but this is one way to flip my personality switch to to the “cold but correct” setting, no matter age, gender or other ameliorating factors. Damn straight, this goes straight to insurance, and enjoy your higher rates.

Jesus Christ. I’m embarrassed this happened. :frowning:

You need to flip that switch just a bit sooner.

I’m not. It’s not my fault the old hag is American, though regrettable. What pisses me off is no one has given this bully the metaphorical beat down to correct this crap. What the hell is wrong with her?

My dad has been asked this on occasion, and he always shows them his American Express card.

I wonder what would happen if she had hit a tourist in a rental car.

Wait, are you saying foreigners live in America?!?!

Beck’s Syndrome?

I couldn’t understand a thing the OP said.

:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

The old bat was totally out of line. You should have asked to see proof of her citizenship!

Only foreigners would be so disrespectful as to ruin her day like that.
She’s a Good American, and no Good Americans are total fucking douche bags.

I’m so sorry.

Spinal cord damage wouldn’t explain the raging asshole symptom. Could it be Lupus?


fuck it.

Yes, lots and lots of lupus

She’s clearly an asshole, but your rate goes up too.

America. What a country.

Why would the person that got hit rate go up? I got rear ended and my rate didn’t go up.

That hag was no lady. And I’m not going to apologize for her. She’s a bigoted old bitch and there are far too many people apologizing for (enabling) hags like that. The sooner those old bitches learn that’s what they are, the better off society will be.

It’s darn shame that one particular cop from C.O.P.S. (the dude who immigrated from England (?)) didn’t get to respond to the incident in the OP. I’m sure he’d’ve been quite amused by a request for his green card from her.

This country needs more Spiny Normans and fewer nosey bigots.

Hmm, the last accident I had was a decade ago. I was broadsided at an intersection, not my fault. But my rate went up. When I asked why, I was told that according to statistics, the victims of accidents were more likely to be involved in further accidents. Maybe things have changed.

p.s. My post above also applies to the bigoted old bastards.

You should ask her to show hers next time you talk to her. When she says she is an American say you don’t believe her, how can she prove it? She’ll show you her DL, but that doesn’t show citizenship. Just keep on her, asking her to prove it. When she shows her Birth Certificate say it’s just a copy and if she doesn’t have an original you won’t accept it. This could be fun. The trick is to do it all with a straight face.

No shit. Turn around is fair play. And a driver’s liscense isn’t a proof of citizenship either.

WAIT…wait…people with accents are FURRENERS?
Does this mean that anyone from the south need to produce a Green Card ? Shit, going to a Truck Pull could now be even MORE entertaining!