Noahs Ark. Journal

Time: 1:48
Level 3
2160 pts.
Noahs Ark

I give up… too boring

What? Did the group of 7 pairs of fowl got mixed with the group of 2 pairs of beasts? Or did Noa lost the database password?

Ok, I’m totally confused. Is this for a game of some sort, or are Terrorists using the SD for a message passing system now?

The zebras are both male. Repeat: the zebras are both male.


I think that the OP refers to the game on In this post from a week ago or so Sivalensis claims to have gotten to level 205 with over 6 million points. I also tried the game and found it to be very boring.


I tried to try the game, but I couldn’t get it to load. :frowning:

Um, Noah, this I don’t know if this matters, but the weatherman says we might get scattered showers over the next few days…

7:41 pm, day 34:

Am becoming increasingly uneasy… can’t really put my finger on it…

10:18 am, day 35:

quaesiness continues, don’t understand it - everybody’s fine, the critters are happy, smooth sailing, but still…

9:35 pm, day 38:

have tried to put this uncertaintity out of my mind. can’t. don’t dare tell the others - after all, they look to me for strength and guidance

12:52 am, day 39:

am begining to focus on the nature of my unease… vague suspicions are forming…

11:24 pm, day 39:

Have realized that my entire existance is someone’s imagination - none of us are real - there is no flood, no ark, no animals. WE ARE ALL IMAGINARY!

To whoever is dreaming this: PLEASE STOP!. take a pill or something - anything. just make it stop!

in the najme of all that is holy, please make it stop…

  • and, on the 40th day, it did stop…*

From Bill Cosby’s “Noah” dialogue

Noah(speaking to God)“You’re supposed to know all and see all like I said before, and you never even looked in the bottom of that ark! Who’s going to clean up that mess down there? Not me I’m telling ya…”