No One Lives Forever

I recently started playing this(yes, I know it’s a 4 year old game), but I’m really getting a kick out of it. James Bond meets Austin Powers meets thief…and it does them all well. Very Groovy.

Though, I wonder, is there a site somewhere that has some records of many(all) of the funny conversations in the game, as well as perhaps a listing of what’s printed on all the intelligence items you can pick up.

It seems to be hard to find sites that have anything about that kind of stuff, or the game in general.

There are a couple of games you could be refering to.
Go to and do a search. Their will likely be a faq of the funnys, if not you could try the message board about the game.

I apologize.

It’s “The Operative: No One lives Forever”.

The one where you play a woman named Cate Archer and have to save the world from HARM.

Fantastic game. Good plot twists and a great ending. Never could get part two to run on my computer. Check out the walk through on

Agreed. I just finished the Space Station and so far I am quite impressed. Love both the humor and the set pieces. The level design is fairly good as well. A little linear, perhaps, but seems somewhat realistic.

I had a similar problem, because there was a bug in the copy protection that wouldn’t recognize my CD drive. I liked the first one so much, I went out and bought a new drive just to play the sequel. And I was kinda disappointed. For the most part, a good game, but they changed a few things in really stupid ways: infinetly respawning enemies, for example, or an incredibly short recovery period when you knock guards out, making not killing people pretty much pointless. Overall, though, worth checking out, but not worth buying a new disc drive. Although I assume any version of the game you buy today will have resolved the copy protection bug.

I heard the sequel wasn’t as long or as good as the original, but still rather fun. I’m also intrigued by reference to a very odd chase sequence invovling tricycles.

I can’t imagine how it would work, but apparently it was quite fun from what I’ve heard.

I won’t be able to play it until I get a new video card though.

It was hilarious!

A mini level, in which Cate rode through Indian alleys on the back of a tricycle peddled by the Scottich supervillian turned sidekick whose name I can’t remember. She had to defeat the mime king and take out his mime henchmen at the same time using a tommygun.

It doesn’t get much more surreal than that!

You should know that it is impossible to hear all of the conversations and find all of the intelligence items untill you play through multiple times, when you have all of the gadgets available in all of the levels.

One quibble with the game is the multi-player portion which was downright horrid. I guess the way things stand most games must have a online portion but NOLF is great as a stand alone while the online part was obviously a last minute add-on.

Have you been spying on me because I just finished playing NOLF just a few days ago. It’s a pretty good game but the biggest flaw is never knowing if I’m being sneaky or if I’m in plain sight. Hopefully they fixed that for NOLF 2.

The original 2 disk set came with a soundtrack you could play in your CD player. For some odd reason that soundtrack didn’t include the main theme song to NOLF. The best song in the game not even on the sound track. <sigh>


That is fixed in the sequel. When you’re in a good hiding spot, after a short time (there will be a progress bar, like for searching or looting) you’ll become nigh-invisible and an icon will pop up to let you know. You can shorten this time by improving your stealth stat.

The multiplayer aspect of the sequel is either deathmatch (bleh), capture the doomsday device (CTF with 3 pieces, still bleh), or co-op (yay!). The co-op section involves various missions that dovetail with the single-player story; you play as the nameless UNITY agents who get the job done while Cate’s off doing something else.
F’r instance: At the end of the Japan missions, Cate gets wounded. The player team must get Cate and extract her back to the starting point. This means that one player has to carry Cate and can’t shoot or run as fast and everybody has to protect him. Other missions are much larger and involve vehicles.
The real problem is that there are far too few co-op missions!

Gangster: Did you spy on him?
Groucho: Yeah.
Gangster: What was he doing?
Groucho: He was spying on me.
Gangster: Did he see you?
Groucho: Nah. I was too sneaky for him. All he could do is spy on me.
-Monkey Business(1931)

It is annoying that you can’t tell if you are being seen. Particulary when you are looking around a corner and you can’t tell if the bad guys see oyu until they turn and start shooting, but strangely niether of you may have moved and yet all of a sudden the guard goes insane.

Also, is there any point to Stun Gas? If you aren’t going to kill someone, why not just use sleeping gas?

Otherwise, I’m glad that HARM actually pays some attention to their security measures, in the sensr that they are actually monitering their security cameras and locking possible alternate entraces to their bases.

I know. That bugged me quite a bit. I’ve had the theme song stuck in my head for a week and it isn’t even on the damn soundtrack.

Damn. Just a few months ago I was playing, and lovin’, this game, and I get as far as the Carribean when my hard disk keels over and I lose all my saves. Do any of you know a cheat that will allow me to jump ahead to where I was? From what I understand, the best parts are still ahead of me and I really want to know how it turns out.

Alessan, hit [T] to bring up the command line, then enter “maphole” (no quotes) to skip to the next level. I’ve not seen a code which allows a jump to a specific level.

I enjoyed the game, I only wish there had been more co-op maps. Even the user-created maps I have found have all been either Deathmatch or Doomsday.

Oh yeah, and avoid Contract Jack, a discount title released after NOLF 2. Same engine, different character, little humor and boring maps. I am a fan of Sierra, but the release of that game was a cheesy move on their part.

Is the tropical island in the Carribean or the Pacific? I just remember the mention of an island named “Mandaru”, but I have been thus unable to figure out where that island is, if it even exists.

I never figured out what H.A.R.M. or U.N.I.T.Y. stood for. Any clues?


Nobody knows what HARM stands for, not even the people working there.

The humor filled discussions could get a bit pesky sometimes such as when entering the warehouse. As you sneak in through the window, you hear two guys going back and forth about smoking. One guy offers the other a cigarette and when he declines, the comment “Wife made you quit huh?” is thrown out. For some odd reason that kind of made capping his ass with an AK-47 a few minutes later less enjoyable. I know it’s computer people and all but damn, the guy has a wife who is never going to see him again because I killed him.

It got even worse. Later in the game two henchmen have a conversation about another evil organization has been taken down. One of the henchmen says something like “It really makes you think about getting out of the business. I have a wife and kid, what happens to them if some super spy blows me away?”

By far my favorite henchmen conversation was the one about beer and criminals as well as whether or not they were responsible for their own evil actions or merely the byproduct of their environment.