Nobody jacks with me about....

We’ve done the “expert” threads. Seems we’ve got a pro in just about everything around here. But there is a difference between “expert at work” and “expert on the Dope.” What thread subjects do you just jump into, taking no crap from anybody and assured in your superior knowledge?

For me, it’s the mundane but essential: Beer and Buffy. In other subjects I might have to research, make sure of my facts, build a carefully defensable position with room for retreat. In these two, however, I stand firm. I can go toe-to-toe with just about any other Doper on these. August West can take me on beer, maybe, but he’s a pro and that’s cheating! :smiley:

So, what territory do you stake out as yours? You can share it, of course. Most of the good arguments come from people of equal knowledge and determination, after all.

I’ll take “Practical Applications of Norathian Druidic Magic in a Non-virtual World”.

Do ya feel lucky, punk?


You know, this makes me kinda sad, but I can’t think of a single subject where there is no Doper more knowledgeable than I. Possibly “contemporary Swedish culture”, but even then, it’s doubtful.

Me neither. I know a lot about rowing but I think HappyHeroScrappyPup (or some variation thereof) used to row at the national level so that trumps my experience. (hadn’t seen him in a while tho’)

I’m learning Japanese but I’m not fluent like some of the Dopers who actually live in Japan.

Ultrafilter and others know more about both nutrition and weight lifting.

I answer questions on structural engineering and traffic engineering but I don’t consider myself the ultimate expert.

I know an awful lot about designer shoes and what’s current but UrbanChic and Alice In Wonderland might best me.

Maybe contemporary Japanese yaoi manga. There are other Dopers who know some about it but probably don’t have neqaarly the collection I do nor the ability to read it in the original Japanese. (which I do haltingly)

Word puzzles.

Being a fat, lazy git.


I can’t even claim my normal Strong suites here. I am normally the most knowledgeable person on Tolkien in any group of people I have ever been in, but here, the good Doctor QtM has me beat and several other appear as knowledgeable. Chronos comes to mind.

I am normally the PC guru {alpha Geek} but here I am just one in a large crowd.

My one really strong suite here would be The Yankees but IRL I hang out with people just as knowledgeable and in the Right Field Bleachers I run into people that dwarf my knowledge. Of course I know how you feel about them Silenus. :wink:


I know an aweful lot about makeup and cosmetics.

There aren’t too many people who probably know more about these parts, or if there are, they just don’t bother to post about it. :slight_smile:

I’m pretty good with cats, but there are vets (such as Vetbridge, my hero!) who know lots and lots more than I do. I know a lot about feral cats, but can’t claim expert status on that, either.

Wait, I’ve got it! I know more about SnakesCatLady than anyone!!

Care and growing of really long hair.

Other than that, I got nuthin’.

I don’t know of any other ballet dancers here

I also have a pretty good knowledge of vegetarian and vegan nutrition (okay, so I don’t use it on myself. That doesn’t mean I don’t know it.)

I know I never shut up about it, but I know a lot about eating disorders and can provide some firsthand experience

Aside from that, nothing. But I’ll chalk it up partially to the fact that I haven’t finished high school yet and so don’t have any kind of cool unusual career to have cool unusual career knowledge from.

I think it’s sort of common for us non Alpha Dopers to experiance a little humilty here. I’m usually the Go To Smart Guy in my day to day existance, but there is always someone here that can bust me out, even on some of my favorite subjects.

Silenus, we bump into one another in lots of gun and alcohol related threads, but I usually defer to you, or August West, or Scumpup or Uncle Beer or Cynical Gabe, etc. (Pardons to those whose opinions I respect and neglected to mention. I’ll defer to you later. :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’m good for my $.02 worth, and I’ll always be willing to throw that out there, but mostly I’m here to learn and for the comeraderie, not to dominate on any given subject.

I know a fair amont about physiology and anatomy, but nearly as much as the doctors or even the nurses here.

I also know a good deal about mechanical and electrical engineering, but again, not nearly as much as an actual engineer (the joys of being a biomedical engineer. I’m somewhere in between a doctor and a real engineer. :stuck_out_tongue: )

The closest thing I can come close to is Simpsons, Futurama, and to a lesser extent, Family Guy. Futurama moreso than Simpsons.

I know nothing. :frowning:

Tell me about it. Robert Downey, Jr. said it best in Air America: “I’m used to being the wierdest guy in the room. Then I come here, and I’m not even in the Top 10.”

I know a lot about firearms, but there are people here who put me to shame. That’s one of the reasons I love this board. Always something to learn, and always someone willing to teach you, whether you want to learn or not! :smiley:

“Weird Al” Yankovic. I think that might be all.

I totally forgot about Martini Enfield. That guy is like a walking encyclopedia of firearm knowlidge. My apologies. :wink: He makes Jeff Cooper, Elmer Keith and Garry James look like kids with spitguns. I totally bow down to anyone with that level of ballistics data stored in the good old random access. Just amazing.

Oh, and **Silenus **, we should have a 10-22 appreciation thread some time.

On a complete tangent here… I once had drinks at Garry James’ house. He was hosting a meeting of the Greater Los Angeles Flashman Society. I drooled all over his collection of Martini Henrys.

The 10-22…the gun that won the beer can shooting range! :smiley:

Maybe Star Wars. Or the Romanovs and various other European royals.

Music majors can stomp the crap out of me in terms of music theory, but I think I can hold my own discussing practical drumming, product knowledge, and quite a few live and recording situations that don’t require intimate knowledge of the electronics involved.

I have also delivered more pizzas than I care to count, and think of myself as somewhat of an expert in that field. The store I worked for first wouldn’t hire anyone as a driver unless they were 18, good thing I turned 18 a week before they opened and started right away.

I know a little about a lot, but the little I mentioned above, I know a lot about.