Nobody would make a musical about MY menopause

Really, I expected more. This has been so uneventful a menopause that it has barely registered in my brain. I just spent some time yesterday trying to remember the “date of last period” and haven’t a clue. I THINK it was sometime around March of 2013, but that was a one-off…nothing had happened since July of 2012. Hot flashes happen, but not every day or every night, and sometimes they are indistinguishable from “there are two cats sleeping on me, I need to get them to move”. Nothing at all like the hot flashes my boss has. In fact, it has been so cold here, a hot flash has been quite welcome. No major mood swings, no major loss of libido, no major memory issues that couldn’t also be blamed on my hectic life right now (toddler grandson, newborn grandson, mother moving to nursing home, me recovering from two knee replacements).

After all the stories here on the Dope I was sort of dreading this phase, but it has been a non-event, pretty much. So who else has sailed into menopause without any major drama? I don’t think my anemia is cured like they promised, but I’ll find that out in a few weeks when I see the hematologist again. Now if I could just remember that “date of last period”…

What to say but that I am truly jealous ! Mine has been the menopause from hell that is still ongoing and I can’t wait till at least the constant headaches stop… or the grouchiness or constant on/ off period. I have always been curious as to why some sail through it. My mother says she did, her’s sounded very much like yours. So much for genetics… lol

Anyway, congratulations, and yes this IS something where congratulatios is meaningful. You dodged a bullet there. Hope it continues :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m another “no big deal.” As someone who’s chronically freezing, I was actually kind of looking forward to hot flashes, if only for the novelty value.

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Count me in. The early part of my menopause coincided with some difficult times in my life, so I did wonder if my libido was dead for a while. But since things have improved, that has bounced back just fine. Hot flashes are minimal (and kind of entertaining). I could do without the weight gain, especially around the middle, but that’s mostly my own fault.

Menopause, The Musical

Starring: Nomar Flowe and Nolonga Young
Itroducing: Olda Plummin

Critics say it’s “…hot, flashy entertainment…”, “…a plot twist for every mood…”

So of course an ad for “Menopause: The Musical” shows up on my Facebook feed this morning.