nobody's perfect

I havent posted for a while, but its good to be back :cool:

So, Bernie Ebbers was (is still?) an outspoken Evangelical Christian +convicted criminal. My question is, if a world view that claims to be “The Way” as in the ONLY way, if it were true wouldnt it at LEAST have a disproportionate number of “Good Guys” ? I mean, every world view has its blemishes because hey, nobody’s perfect, right? But if the “fruit” of the Christian tree looks pretty much like every other tree, some good and some bad, wouldnt that basically say that its EVIDENTLY one way, but they’re all pretty much the same?

Unless, of course, there is research out there to suggest that there really is a disproportionately larger number of “Good Guys” sprouting from the Christian tree… (You will know them by their fruits).

Opinions? Thoughts? Additional research?