Noisy Electric Dryer Problems

So, I bought a brand new Electric Dryer made by the Whirlpool corporation, the WED5300VW model. As it ships, brand new, straight from the dealer, the thing makes too much noise. It is not squeaking, nor is there anything wrong with the dryer, because it is brand new. But it is still too loud. What can I do to minimize the noise?

Can I insulate the panels of the dryer? If so, What insulation should I use?

Can I buy a mat to put the dryer on? If so, What mat do I buy?

Can I do something else?
Aggravated and perplexed in Baton Rouge


P.S. Now that I own one, I think most people should avoid this model of dryer, if not whirlpool all-together. The more I deal with this issue and the more I read about the dryer, the less impressed I am with Whirlpool and this dryer.

To help you, we would need some kind of a description of the type of ‘noise’ that you are hearing as objectionable.

any added noise insulation in the dryer would also be thermal insulation and would likely be a fire hazard.

there are dense rubber mats to place on the floor to provide some noise reduction. check appliance or building material stores.

in new construction or remodeling there is acoustic insulation that can be placed in the walls.

you can place some sound deadening material on the back of a door to the room and place something over the air gap at the bottom of the door.

This all depends on the noise. The dryer is new, but that does not guarantee that it is working properly. In fact, the “infant mortality” phase is where a spike of failures occurs. If you have dryer experience and this is noisy out of the box, there could be a problem with the rollers that support the drum as it turns. These rollers usually take years to wear out. However, one of them could have a bad bearing. That would make a constant roar. Depending on noise level, it could be a matter for a warranted repair. If it is a bearing and it wears out, it will need to be replaced. Worn roller bearings can cause a gap between the drum and the case and allow small items like socks or underwear to fall in. The problem with that is that the heating element is there where it would fall, thus causing a danger of fire.

If you feel the noise is abnormal, get it serviced rather than use ear plugs.

Did you guys know that the best noise reduction system that Whirlpool incorporates in the top of their line dryer models is merely additional layers of insulation on the top, bottom, front, back, left and right sides of the dryers? I do not think any insulation is going to be a fire hazard.

But, just to be sure, I am going to have a technician come to the place to inspect the thing. This is the best idea, thus far. This will give me an opportunity to ask the tech directly as to the other issues, I brought up also.

I do not believe that anything is broken on the dryer, I believe this is the general operational noise that this dryer makes, and it carries all through the house, and bothers me, even when I am upstairs and studying.

Thanks for talking with me guys.

Later - Ficer67

Stupid question but did you check to see if the dryer is level? It has adjustable feet for this purpose.