NOLADope: Date, details within.

For those of you who care (and it’s a rather small number, apparently), the New Orleans Dopefest is scheduled for the Saturday after July 15th. I don’t have a calendar handy, sorry. If anyone is interested in being there, post and either me or MamaTiger will take note of it.

As for what’s actually going to happen… I don’t know, but we’ll start out in Margaritaville in the French Quarter.

That’s July 17, according to my calendar. Come on, y’all, we need more Dopers for this get-together – surely whiterabbit and I aren’t alone down here in the swamps?

sorry, I didn’t respond cos I don’t actually have my car right now. Amusingly enough it’s in New Orleans after I had an accident there. With the way things are looking, I may very well be in town then, but the guy’s claiming it’ll be ready at the end of this week instead, so who knows. I’d love to come if I’m in town.

If you can come, email me for the details – I hope you get your car back!