Nomenclature for opaque lab glass bottle (if there is such a thing)

I find myself in the market for a special bottle, but I don’t know what to call it, so I’m having trouble searching for choices. It needs to hold something like 200-350 ml, be made of opaque glass, and have a totally leak-proof lid. Black glass would be great, but opaque white would work too.

One I found that might work is this one, designed for holding solvent in nail salons. It’s expensive, though, and I don’t need or want the fancy pump top.

Any searching tips? Do laboratory-having type people call this kind of bottle anything other than, um, a “bottle”? A “flask” seems usually to be lidded with a stopper, if at all, rather than a lid. What might this sort of bottle be used for and thus keyworded?

If you’re curious: I want to mix a large-ish quantity of three commercial perfumes that I like together better than separately, keep a little bit out for short-term use, and stash the remainder in the back of the fridge to keep for the next decade or two. (I’m told that perfumes degrade due to light and heat, not just oxygen.) These perfumes are ridiculously expensive in small quantities but can be found in big bottles on eBay or Amazon sometimes for much less per ml. Also, perfume makers change their minds all the damn time about what they want to sell, and I’m tired of my favorites being discontinued. I’m also sad that my big pretty bottle of one of my now-discontinued faves, bought in 1988, smells kind off and funky now.

Usually called “Amber Bottles” whether they’re in glass or plastic.

Here’s an example from Fisher:||02911306||02918B&endecaSearchQuery=%23store%3DScientific%23N%3D0%23rpp%3D15&fromSearch=1&searchKey=bottle||amber||jar||jars||bottles&highlightProductsItemsFlag=Y

I work in a lab, and I can’t think of a word to describe what you want. Honestly, if I needed something like what you describe, I’d end up with a plastic bottle. I don’t know if glass ones exist. However, you can search through some of the big lab supply sites, like Fisher, and see what you find. If they don’t have it, it probably doesn’t exist.

if you don’t have an opaque container then you can place your container in a dark place or wrap your container with aluminum foil or paint the outside of the container.

Amber bottles are probably good enough for your purposes. It’s the standard for most light-sensitive chemicals. Obviously it doesn’t block all light, but it blocks the majority. IIRC the amber glass particularly blocks light frequencies that tend to react with light-sensitive compounds.

The few times I’ve seen a chemical that needs even more protection from light, it’s stored in amber glass, which is stored in a metal can, which is then put in the back of a drawer where there wouldn’t be much light anyways.

Here’s one; if you’re just looking to keep out oxygen the stopper will do it. Paint is cheaper.

Thanks, all – it occurred to me to search for non-lab flasks, the kind your creepy uncle kept full of Nasty Stuff in his hip pocket; looks like I can get one of those for under $5. Opaque, break-proof, the right size, resistant to alcohol, and even a great shape for the back of the fridge.

This is my favorite