Nominate Likely Conspiracy Theories Based on Current Events

So…I was waiting in line, and I glanced over at the magazines and saw a glaring head-line on a trash tabloid ** Cuba Sends Plague of Man Eating Sharks To Florida!** I almost wish I had read the “article” since I’m sure it would have been amusing, almost as much as last summer’s theory that the government was controlling the North East’s weather to prevent the spread of west nile virus- the claimants obviously didn’t know making it rainy would perfect breeding conditions for mosquitoes… The headline got me thinking though, what other current events are likely to spawn new conspiracy theories?

I would like to nominate Mountain Dew to be the victim of a bound-to-come conspiracy theory. Their newest product is called Mountain Dew Code Red. A product that was released only a month or two before the computer virus, Code Red, started causing problems. Someone is bound to allege that Mountain Dew spread the virus to give their new product name recognition.

Other likely nominees?

P. Diddy shot Aaliyah’s pilot up with dope before they took off. I have proof.

Linda Tripp was spotted snooping around Chandra Levy’s house and attempting to contact the spirit of ** Marilyn Monroe**.

Ben Affleck and Backstreet Boy A.J. purchased an alcohol rehab center for the ultra-rich and promptly checked themselves in for free publicity.

[sub]Ben confessed this to me before he left for work this morning.[/sub]

You do know they got the idea from Robert Downie JR. after their last threesome togehter, don’t you?


Now that’s a mental image!

…Excuse me a moment.