Non-Brits: The Office

I understand that this has just been shown in the US (or has at least been reviewed by the newspaper critics). Have any non-British Dopers seen it? What did you think? If not, are you looking forward to it?

I realise there was a thread about this recently, but I’m interested in seeing whether the humour translates well.

Well I got all the humour and I’m non-British.

That’s not what you meant is it? :smiley:

The office is a work of pure genius.

The moment my caffeine-wizened finger hit “Submit”, I realised my mistake. I’d have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for your pesky concept of sovereignty.


US critics warm to The Office

I really hope they don’t try.

Glad to hear that the critics agree with me.

Anyway, yojimbo is a Jackeen, which is as good as…

I’m not a non-Brit so I don’t qualify. And I don’t really have anything to contribute to this thread, other than “The Office roolz doooooooodzzz”.

I’ve been told that a US series had been commissioned, to be set in Manhattan! Talk about miss the point . . .

I think we’re looking at it from the other end (end of series 2). Remember how it takes a while for the whole idea to settle with you……….wasn’t an instant thing for me, anyway. I wasn’t even sure what I was looking at for a couple of episodes…

But, it is stunningly good if not brilliant.

You’re not serious? Next you’ll be telling me that Bill Cosby remade One foot in the Grave :wink:

Have you been Pitted yet?

Yes, “olive” pitted by pergau!

And what’s so different between Slough and Manhattan?
Cheers, Bippy the ex-sluff

Well, David Brent’s ability to convince himself that Slough is Manhatten, or at least London, is sort-of part of the joke.
I have seen Gervaise quoted to the effect that the reason he picked Slough is that there’s (and I don’t believe him on this) a sign on the outskirts of the town saying “London 10 miles.” And his reaction to this was “F*ck it, if I really wanted to, I could walk it.” As is most obvious in his big defiant speech at the end of the penultimate episode of the second series, the characters all live in this universe where it’s Swindon, Bracknell and Reading that are big. They never mention London. It’s the elephant in the living room. Even though they live within walking distance of the capital, they’re inescapably provincial.

Speaks the inhabitant of north London, who almost lives in Islington …

Well, I’m bumping this because I’ve only recently seen three episodes of this show and I loved them.

I actually laugh when I watch this show. The only three I’ve seen are when the manager visits to look over Davids work, The Quiz, and Training. I nearly had a heart attack laughing when David yells out, “I think there’s been a rape up there!” in the training session."

It’s like Spinal Tap and the Larry Sanders show had a baby and didn’t let it focus on the entertainment industry.