Non-export luxury cars

I’m curious about what the top luxury car built in each country but not exported is. I thought the Equus built here in South Korea would qualify but it doesn’t. Some of the locally-made Equus cars are exported and the things are also built in a couple of other countries under a different model name.

So, what fancy pricey cars are built but not exported and in what country is the particular fancy pricey car built?

The UK doesn’t have many or any, I could think of off hand. The last that sprang to mind was the (barely) luxury Rover 800, but that was briefly exported as the Sterling.

Possibly the Hindustan Ambassador would qualify. It was exported briefly to the UK but is basically a domestic car.

Man, Dewey Finn, that’s one ugly ride!

There’s Bristol, essentially hand made, which I hadn’t heard of until I saw Inspector Lynley driving one. Not only do they not have dealers outside the UK, they don’t have dealers inside the UK either!

Then there’s TVR, though it’s unclear whether they’re still in business. I believe they never exported to the US, though the factory may have sold cars outside the UK.

The linked site’s dealer locator shows they have dealers in Western Europe, Russia, and Japan. By the way, I’ve seen a few Tuscans here in Korea.

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Thanks. The dealer locator wouldn’t come up for me.

Toyota’s most expensive car, the Toyota Century, is not exported outside of its home market and Japanese diplomatic missions.