Non-hurting ways to make people of China aware of the worldwide suffering caused by the CPC ?

This question is based on non-violent (in spirit and in action) protest to the people of China about the Covid-19. This is based on not hurting anyone in physical, financial, or any other way but is based on the Gandhian principle of * Satyagraha * i.e. a request made to the humanity of people based on true genuine feelings.

That’s the premise of the question. The question is : how may we do it ? And would it work towards people in China wanting a more open society ?

My question is ‘why’? Is it the need for retribution? Chinese people have suffered too. I’m not sure how helpful this desire to blame someone is helpful at this point.

Did they create it deliberately? Of course not.
Have they handled it poorly? Probably, but show me a country which hasn’t.

The OP is asking about CPC (Communist Party of China,) not the coronavirus.

Too late to edit: Sorry, I was only looking at the thread title. It appears the OP did indeed reference Covid-19 after all.

China has rounded up 2 million Muslims into “re-education” camps.

They have cameras everywhere and the government is monitoring their social media, purchases, movement, legal infractions and other metrics in order to rate their citizenship standard. They’re getting ready to step on Hong Kong like a bug.

The open society ship has sailed.

There is no retribution or blame or showing that our suffering is worse than others. That is against the spirit of Satyagraha. The appeal to Chinese people is based on true feeling and have to be non-violent in spirit / thought and action.

It is true that the Chinese people suffer with the world. And the appeal to the Chinese people is for a more open society where pandemics like these are not hidden away until it gets too bad.

The Chinese people know more about the corruption, repression, and incompetence of the Communist Party than any of us can imagine.

But they also recognize that the rise of China under the CPC has brought economic growth over the last two generations that was previously unimaginable.

So it’s kind of like talking to a Trump voters about how corrupt Trump is. Until very recently, the reaction has been something like, “You can keep whining about his tweets, but look at my 401(k)!”

Sort of the same thing with China. We can whine about their government, but until people start seeing that they aren’t getting richer, it ain’t going to amount to very much.

It’s also far from clear whether the authoritarian regime in China was a net positive or negative if you’re consider specifically what has happened with COVID-19. There may have been issues with covering up the problem in the early stages; but the lockdown, when it came, was implemented rapidly and ruthlessly - and was extremely effective.

By comparison, the clusterfuck that is the U.S. response to COVID-19 is hardly a shining example of our superior values. Democracy put a narcissistic fool in charge of our country, and Constitutional protections against his excesses are of little help when what is needed is competence and leadership.

If I had an elderly relative, I think they would probably be safer in China than in the U.S. in the coming months, even allowing for generally far superior medical care in the U.S.

The Chinese people are generally supportive of the Communist party and the actions they take.

While they may have intellectual conversations with you, one on one, and be empathetic to your point of view, they will generally defend the Party and its actions as looking out for the general welfare of the people.

But the Chinese people have seen massive wage increase over the past two decades.

The ruling elite of China knows exactly what the rest of the world is thinking. As a practical measure they care about non-hurting opinions exactly as much as the ruling elite of the U.S. do, i.e. not a damn bit.

They do care very much about internal opinions and those have turned increasingly negative. That’s orders of magnitude more crucial than any bad vibes from other countries.

What the ruling elite is concerned about is the bottom line, the monetary impact. This is where the changes will come from. Impacts on trade, products, manufactures relocating, you can bet that these and other issues will bring about such things as the closing of the wet markets.

No other form of retribution is needed or would work. You can be sure that the financial impact is being studied and worked on very seriously.

True, but was it really the communist party that led to the growth? Many east asian nations have seen rapid economic growth and gone from low income to high income nations over two generations. South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. Many did not follow Chinas government model (Taiwan was actively opposed to it while their economy grew dramatically). So its more the people of east asia have a lot of potential, the government itself doesn’t seem to matter as long as the government doesn’t make things worse.

And the CPC mishandled the virus. They arrested doctors and suppressed it, now the virus is global and causing endless trillions of dollars in economic damage. Then again, the US letting the banks rule the government led to an economic collapse in 2008. But I wonder if there will be some pushback over mishandling the virus. Both the US & China have shown how inept they are at management and policy with this viral outbreak.

Yes. They have.

There is also a lot of tea in China.

Was it really Trump who led to the soaring stock prices in the first 3 years of his Presidency? Do his supporters credit him for it anyway?

Are you suggesting there’s something in the water in East Asia that caused the economic growth?

Just remember that those countries were undergoing industrialization and were starting to see economic growth rise sharply when China was in the grip of (and recovery from) the Cultural Revolution.

[qiote]And the CPC mishandled the virus. … But I wonder if there will be some pushback over mishandling the virus.

Maybe there will be some pushback, but if the US is involved that narrative, it will be instantly rejected by the strong brand of nationalism that still binds the country together.

Here’s the thing- in general, I don’t much care what China does within its borders, save stuff that affects the outside world, like say… covering up/manipulating information about an outbreak of a deadly disease. Or genocidal stuff. But I don’t really care how the Chinese judicial system works, or whether there’s real due process, or anything like that. That’s the problem of the Chinese people who are affected by it.

But I DO care about stuff China does outside its borders- I’m very frustrated by the recent attempts to control information and/or silence criticism in the West through threats and manipulation of Western corporations. I’m frustrated by their behavior in the South China Sea. I’m frustrated by their COVID-19 response and information-sharing. I’m frustrated by their pegging of the Yuan to the Dollar; it’s a way to artificially lower costs at everyone else’s expense.

They are NOT a good actor in the international community, and I think the world needs to check them in a big way.

They know what their government allows them to see. Even if there is someone in Wuhan who said they personally cremated 5000 people it won’t be made public.

Caused by the CPC? Uh, what?

To the OP, how is the average Chinese supposed to react to the premise that they personally unleashed Covid-19 on the world? What are you trying to accomplish? IMHO you’re boy scout enthusiasm for a road to damascus moment is off base. China locked down the entire fucking country on 23 January. Households were restricted to one person going out for food 1-2 times per week. It was hardcore for 1.4 billion people, most of whom live in small dwellings. And this hardcore locked down lasted 2 months with a very gradual opening. Compare and contrast with spring breaks, who knew covid has person to person transmission, and meat processing facilities with hundreds of infections, etc.

With covid now being a global pandemic and the value of 20-20 hindsight, one can plausibly claim that the local Chinese government covered up or wasted a few precious weeks. But that has zip to do with the average Chinese. And it wasn’t led by Xi Jinping. Poor analogy but just because trump rants about how the virus will magically disappear in April doesn’t make it so. No matter how non hurting you want to make it, any cover up was by low level local government folks (who may or may not be members of the communist party) who have certainly been hung out to dry. So, somehow, that should translate into scales falling from the eyes of the masses as to the evil of the communist party? The average Chinese went thru hell as the clampdown burned out the bulk of the virus. As a result, the average Mr. Chen does not have bad feelings toward the government based on handling Covid. And frankly why should they?

(Having lived in China for 15 years and married into a large extended Chinese family, they know all too well about the downsides of the government, as well as the upside.)