Non-members can't edit their posts in Marketplace?

Is this an oversight, or on purpose? Thanks.

I just went and posted in the xbox thread and as you say there was no edit button. So I guess non-members can not edit.

Members apparently can’t, either. According to Ed Zotti, he intended to let members have unlimited editing of their OPs in that forum, but the software won’t allow it. So, even members need to ask a mod to edit their posts.

Ah, thanks cochrane

Huh? There’s loads of forums out there that allow unlimited editing - I think it’s the default fo vBulletin.

I’m guessing he means they can’t turn on unlimited editing for a particular subforum. Since the rest of the board has a 5 minute edit window, they could give the marketplace no editing or 5 minute editing. But that’s just a guess.

Yeah, that’s what I think. Either unlimited editing or a limit for the entire board, but it can only apply as a whole.