non Pit-able Doper pet peeves

We should be able to keep this out of the Pit.

From time to time, certain Doper habits start to annoy other Dopers. For instance, I get really tired of links that just say “here” or “look at this” and have no clues at all in the post as to what they are. Minor? Sure is! I can just click on the freakin link, ferchristsakes!. But, still, it annoys me.

How about smily abuse? Doesn’t mean much to me, but I bet it annoys the hell out of some of you.

Sig use? Spelling and grammar? Attitudes (percieved or real)? Inane GQs?

LET IT ALL OUT! it’ll be good for you, I promise. :smiley:

Smileys bug me, whether it’s abuse or just sporadic use. I find it very jarring when I see a post of mine from a couple years ago when I used to use them. Sigs don’t bother me a bit since I disabled them around the same time I stopped using smileys.

Every single in-joke bugs the shit out of me. Death rays, for 20 minutes, hi opal, etc.

Post parsing is a virtual guarantee I’ll skip the post entirely.

The overused colloquialisms (sp?) don’t drive me crazy, but I find them minorly annoying. Heat of a thousand suns, read for content, fighting ignorance, hamsters, etc.

I’d like to take this opportunity to send a shout out to all the staunch opponents of using contrived TWOP-style nicknames in the Survivor threads. I find them overly cutesy and wholly unnecessary. Keep up the good fight.

Oh yeah, and spoiler boxes drive me insane. Can’t friggin’ stand them in just about any context.

Thank you for starting this thread. I have something very minor and trivial I’ve wanted to say for a while.

Stop using the “did I mention…?” turn of phrase. It comes in two irritating flavors:

Well yes, indeed you have in fact mentioned it, and it’s there in the post next to or above where you just said it.

No, you didn’t mention it. There is no need to ask us if you have or not, because you and we know damn well you didn’t.

If you want to emphasize something, try searching for other ways of letting us acknowledge that emphasis. It’s more interesting to read, and better for my general well-being, blood pressure, gout, ague, Women’s Itch, and digestion.

(The above are made-up examples, and there is no personal animosity against the many very lovely dopers who I’ve seen using this recently. It just bugs me.)

Posters who use the SDMB like a LiveJournal.

Posters who keep on referring to their cute little posting mistakes years after the fact, even giving the type of mistake they made a funny little nickname.

What’s post parsing?


smacks OP
goes back to keyboard

I hate when people type out actions they’re supposedly doing. I don’t know why, it just bugs me.

hits submit reply button

All the bad language. Can’t we all make our points without being profane?

Name calling.

The inside jokes (1920’s style death ray, e.g.) are grossly overused.

Overuse of smilies.

Baiting (I’m sure our friend xxxxx will be along to say bla bla bla).

Posters who only respond to certain posters.

Quoting the entire OP in your post.

Lack of profanity.

Oh, the inside jokes.

Just what is going through someone’s mind when they drop one of these?

Is it, “I want people to think I’m funny.”

Or, “I want to be seen as a member of the tribe.”

I just don’t get it.

Threads that begin “In which I expound upon my profound distaste for X.” Yes, yes, your command of the language is lovely. Just give the topic and go on about your business.

Also, I have had enough of things ensuing.

Oh, another one: everybody in the Lost threads notices about 100 times more things than me. :mad: :wink:

I have to confess occasionally to doing this. My motivation is: “I want people to laugh”. Usually I would hope to make people laugh by saying something funny, but occasionally an in-joke is appropriate. I agree that constant overuse of them in non-humourous contexts is tiresome, but sometimes I see these used - pertinently and cleverly - and they do make me laugh. I think it’s normal that every group of humans - clubs, workplaces, schools, messageboards, etc. - ends up with some jokes that aren’t fully understood outside their own context. It isn’t a bad thing.

I don’t know if “want people to laugh” is interpreted as “want people to think I’m funny” or not. Might be the same thing. I’ve never really thought about it before.

In-jokes, yes. Probably because I’m too new here to understand about three quarters of them.

Resolved: SDMB is not your high school debate team.

Pity parties.

Posters who accuse others of intolerance for posting dissenting opinions in IMHO threads. Similarly, posters who ask for advice in the OP and proceed to jump down the throat of anyone who criticizes them.

When people post a list of questions and the responses don’t give a clue to what the original question was. For example:

I guess I could open the first post into another tab and keep referring back to it but hey, I’m lazy.

New here, aren’t you? :stuck_out_tongue:

People who get their panties in a bunch over what happens on a message board.

People with such thin skins that they find new ways to find annoyance in other people’s innocent actions/habits/quirks.

Knee-jerk political responses by The Usual Suspects.

People who don’t see the irony in the above three items.

I can’t stand those posts about pulling up a chair to watch the meltdown-in-progress. You’re not contributing to the thread at all, and you’re being annoying. Stop that.

Posting to correct a tiny typo in a post you made upthread. We know you meant “things” when you typed “thinsg”. You don’t need to come in with a correction, a blushy smiley, and a self-deprecating comment. If it’s a big error and changes the meaning of your post, then please go ahead and straighten us out. But if it’s because you skipped the word “the” somewhere and want to warn us, thanks, we got it.