Non-Toxic Water Clean-up: Is it for real?

I just got this forwarded from a scientist friend of mine, but I tend to be skeptical of these sorts of mass-forwarded emails. Has anyone here ever heard of this EM technology, and is it for real?

To All Concerned Parties,

We are getting very close to applying “Effective Microorganisms” (EM) to
the disaster site in New Orleans . Jon Mackey, founder of Whole Foods,
is willing to purchase all of the stocks of EM from the production plant
in Tucson , about 25 tons, and ship it to the New Orleans Disaster Relief.
Once there, each gallon of EM can be activated 2000 times from its original
quantity, which would total 50,000 tons. The final hurdle is in getting the
authorization to begin applying it.

EM was used extensively throughout the Tsunami Wave Disaster.
The World Health Organization had originally warned that more deaths would
occur from the spread of pathogen diseases than occurred from the Tsunami Waves,
which was over 150,000 deaths. The deaths from the pathogen diseases never
happened. The death rate was actually lower after the disaster than before. EM saved
tens of thousands of lives. EM was also used by the German government after the
flood disasters a couple of years ago that resulted in over $20 Billion in damage.
Also, EM has been successful in cleaning up the inland seas of Japan .

EM is relatively new to the US , although it is being used in over 120
countries around the world and has been in use for over 25 years. The final hurdle of
getting EM applied to the disaster site in Louisiana is crucial. Whole Foods has been
very generous in offering to purchase and transport the EM to New Orleans The
flooded area will take at least six more weeks to pump and drain. However, in about a week,the stagnant waters combined with sewage, poisons, and other contamination sources in New Orleans will begin breeding pathogen bacteria that will begin spreading diseases throughout the region. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) in Atlanta is aware of this, but is not publicizing it to the media. The government is currently planning on spraying bleach to control the spread of pathogens, but bleach will only add to the long-term deleterious damage of the disaster.

EM is an all-naural, organic solution that has no negative side-effects.
This is why Germany and South Asia resorted to its usage rather than
chemicals in their disaster decontamination relief.

At this point, we simply need authorization from FEMA and federal relief agencies to move forward. Senator John McCain is from Arizona, where EM is produced in the US Many top officials are telling us that he is the most influential individual to gain approval in these emergency circumstances. We currently have friends of Sen. McCain contacting him and apprising him of the situation. But other contacts are needed.

We need top officials from around the country encouraging this proven technolocgy
to be used immediately, before this disaster evolves into a horrendous
catastrophe from the spread of pathogen diseases. Please, this is a call to everyone
to use your personal resources and personal contacts to prevent a tragedy of
much greater proportions.

Help us to get FEMA to authorize the application of EM as soon as possible! The EM website is: <> .

They can be contacted at: 1-866-369-3678.

Please forward this message to all interested parties or call my office at

Every day, every hour, every minute is crucial! Many thanks for
your prayers and encouragement.

James McMath

Oops. There was the preface to what i had above.

Here is the preface:

Do any of you have any political or gov’t agency contacts? if so, please send on…
Please read and act ASAP/ Time is of the essence. Not a request for money, but a
request for you to write to your senators, congressmen, yahoo lists you belong to
and others to help get immediate action on this.

I am relaying this to you for your consideration.

It’s somewhat involved, but the bottom line is this:

The US is behind the curve technologically on mass water
disease contamination control.

The old method is to pour tons of bleach into the water.

There is another NON-CHEMICAL and NON-TOXIC way to accomplish
the same thing and it was used with great success in the recent
Tsunami and has been used effectively for 25 years in over 120 countries
including Germany and Japan.

It’s called EM “Effective Microorganisms” and a US corporation -
Whole Foods - has offered to buy up the nearest mass supply and donate
it to the effort immediately.

Bleach, of course, is a poison and will not only destroy all the
plant, aquatic and animal life in the region, it will also leave
a toxic residue in the soil that will disrupt and inhibit plant growth
for a long time to come. It could turn New Orleans into a permanent
chemical desert.

In the Indian Ocean, EM did the trick. Advanced industrial countries
use it with confidence. And it has no ill effects.

Currently, the federal government is planning to go ahead with

More info and action item below.

  • Ken