None of the Above

Today, the editor of Florida’s Sun Sentinel offered a scathing rebuke of the remaining GOP candidates and presented reasons why the Sun Sentinel is declining to endorse any of the Republican candidates for President.

Why we can’t endorse Trump, Rubio, Cruz, or Kasich.

Watch the video, then read the entire article that details the shortcomings of each candidate.

My perspective is the editor is spot on. The problem, however, is the nominee is going to be one of these guys, and most likely not Kasich.

The answer is to vote for the Democratic candidate. Of course, a newspaper needs to pretend to offer options for each party; it’s a bad election cycle to be a Republican.

Does the paper simply refuse to endorse a Democratic candidate? Are they of the opinion that it’s a Republican or no one?

I haven’t researched, but I suspect they are a Republican-leaning paper that would typically endorse a Republican candidate.

Monty Brewster it is, then.