Nonsensical parking lot experience

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I think everyone here is missing an important point, maybe even jamie. If we can assume the permit was issued because of the older person, (which I grant is purely an assumption), then the driver was abusing the permit. The idea behind the law is for close parking for people that are in some way less able to get around, for whatever reason. If the handicapped person is not leaving the car, a good person would not park in the handicapped space. Whether the placard was displayed or not. Same or worse if the handicapped person is not in the car. The lady knew she was doing wrong and that’s why she was so hostile when jamie called her on it. Isn’t it important when people do wrong we at least let them know that everyone around them knows they’re doing wrong? Anyone that’s ever honked their horn at someone that cut them off, how is this any different?

I understand your concern that the space remain open for someone truly handicapped but once it was apparent the young woman was aware of the situation there really wasn’t anything to be gained by pursuing it.

I came into this thread for a nonsensical parking lot experience story and am disappointed. Here’s a nonsensical parking lot experience:

I work at a university, the same university at which my dad has taught for 33 years. We ride to work together in his car, which has a university faculty/staff parking permit hanging prominently from the rear-view mirror, as it has done for years and years. One morning we pulled into the same parking lot in which my dad has parked since 1978 and got out of the car.

Another car pulled up next to us and asked us if we knew that this lot was for faculty/staff only. I said politely, “…Yes. We both work here, and we have a permit [indicating permit]”.

The lady continued. “Well, I just wanted you to know that this is only for faculty or staff. Students can’t park here.”

I said, “Yes, I know. Neither of us are students. I work in the library and my dad is a professor. We have a permit, we’re allowed to park here.”

She kept going. “Well, a lot of people park here when they shouldn’t. [more blah blah blah]”

I said very patiently, “Ma’am, my father has worked here for 33 years – if anyone’s earned the right to park here, it’s him. Have a nice day.”

I still don’t know what her problem was. We have a permit, my dad is clearly an old professor carrying a briefcase, and I was dressed in business clothes and don’t look like a student, and we have a permit. Fuck OFF.


One more question: why even post this story here? Surely you know that most people are going to tell you they think you were being a jerk, in light of other stories you’ve told.

Satchmo, jaimemcgarry has a history of berating people for this, and has been banned from a local health club and was in the news for doing so. I suspect his initial approach is hostile, despite the passive-aggressive language in his posts. He certainly seems to piss off a lot of people.

I don’t know about the US but I’m pretty sure that here in the UK it’s acceptable for the permit holder to be the passenger in the vehicle.

I think “to catch a case” means “to have criminal charges brought against” (here specifically, presumably for assault and battery against our esteemed OP).

What if he’d seen someone leaning in a car window rummaging through the glove box? Should he walk away silently?

What if he’d seen someone snatching the purse of the old lady in the car? Should it also have been none of his business?

The idiot should have used the permit, that’s what it was issued for.

Wait, how did you get banned from a health club?

Thanks Chiroptera, Ive seen a few of jamiemcgarry’s posts and I know he has a real reputation on the board. I wasn’t trying to hijack the thread, but I suppose I am taking it in another direction and shouldn’t. I’m just trying to point out that something doesn’t have to be illegal to be wrong, and people will continue to do wrong so long as they know everyone else will look the other way. I piss a lot of people off, too.

See, here you base your life only on what’s legal and illegal, I prefer to use right and wrong, we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

What about important and unimportant?

A bit of a qualitative difference between not displaying a handicap placard and snatching a purse from an old lady, wouldn’t you say?

Huh? Maybe some medi-alert bracelet?

Again I don’t think there’s anything wrong with challenging someone if you see them doing something wrong, per se. But there’s a right way and a wrong way…and there’s times it simply isn’t productive to do so.

Blocking in a guy who was illegally parked in a handicapped spot. The best part is he joined a new gym and did it there, too.

Of all the places in the US where you could go around confronting people on the street, Flint, MI has to be one of the most dangerous. What do you want, to end up dead?

People get permits because they have a handicap that makes it difficult for them to exit a car and traverse a long distance to their destination. Presumably, it is acceptable for the permit holder to be a passenger, as a passenger still has to exit the car and go to the destination.

If the passenger is not leaving the car at any point during the stop, then their particular handicap is a non issue. It may be inconvenient to craft a law with this level of restriction, but it is clearly a violation of the purpose of handicapped spaces, to use the placard of your passenger, but have them sit in the car.

At any rate, put the stupid placard up, the law requires it, and you’re less likely to get into an argument over it.