Nook to IPad

I received a Nook color pad for Christmas and loved it! I bought several books (most still unread) and have subscriptions to a few magazines. The glory days of my Nook sadly passed when I went to work one day but left the nook (which must look a lot like a tasty bone) in reach of one of my dogs. Now I’m faced with a dilemma - do I replace the Nook ensuring that I can still have access to the things I have delivered to it or do I upgrade to an IPad? I’ve been told there is a Nook App on the IPad and that I can use that to get access to my books and magazines again. If true, then this is a no brainer. So dopers, I turn to you, is it true that if I get an IPad I can still get all of my magazines and books redelivered which I had before?


I’ve made that transition myself. One thing to note is that the iPad app doesn’t allow you to browse/order directly like the nook does, so you have to order books from the bn website and then switch over to the app. That hasn’t been a problem - it is effectively instantaneous - but is worth pointing out.

After jasg’s post I decided to buy the iPad. What amazed me most was that the Nook app knew exactly what page I was on in my books! Modern technology never ceases to amaze me. Unfortunately most of my magazines don’t work but I was easily able to cancel on the Nook and resubscribe on the iPad. Really a painless transition!