Noonan is in rare form (commenting on WI and other things)

She’s on fire.

I saw this bird today. It was looking at me.

What’s the debate?
If this is just another rant it should be moved.

You have proven that you can cut and paste. Other than that, did you think we can’t read her stuff in any number of places if we are so inclined?

If only…

And so they’ve decided to exchange being “coerced” into paying a little money to a union, in return for being systematically abused and exploited by their employers. That just demonstrates that a great many people are fools.

Why is she still employed anywhere?

I still wouldn’t piss on her.

After four years of college, they’re that incapable of judging for themselves where their own interests lie (and blind to the fact that they can switch jobs if they really are being “systematically abused and exploited”) then all I can say is thank God individuals of such low intelligence aren’t responsible for teaching our children.

Um, wait . . .

But not that he can quote properly.

If you can’t use the quote function, how about at least some old-timey quotation marks?

Since there is neither a debate nor much of an opinion in the OP, I am sending this off to The BBQ Pit.

Human beings in general are poor judges of their own collective self interest. If you are looking for a race of superhumans to descend from space so they can become schoolteachers, you are in for a long wait.

Ah, liberalism with the mask off. Refreshing!

As opposed to the utter contempt for humanity which characterizes conservatives.

“Peggy Noonan is on fire and in rare form?”
I’m pretty sure that goes with “Wink Martindale on a rampage” and “Abe Vigoda at his zaniest.”

And she burns through the night at the speed of light!

People still read Peggy Noonan? She’s about as relevant as Pat Buchanan. And just about as repulsive.

I am not trying to start shit here, or maybe I am, but what is wrong with a state wanting public sector union employees to contribute a few percent of their salaries to pensions and healthcare?

I have plenty of private sector friends, as do many of you, whose companies have made them do the same.

Every single Terr OP reminds me of Stephen Colbert’s White House Correspondents Dinner, where he said something like, “The Bush Administration isn’t sinking, it’s soaring! Soaring like the Hindenburg!” or some such thing. Every time Terr points out how conservatives are winning, it just seems so over the top and that it has got to be a clever joke.

The main difference is that Colbert is clever, and Terr usually just cuts and pastes a right wing article and has about six lines of commentary. (This OP had a little more effort in it, I will grant him that.)

Nope. You have it completely ass-backwards, as per usual.

Conservatives like humans so much that we are willing to let them make their own decisions instead of thinking that everything will be OK if other people just did exactly what we think is best for them.