Nordic Jesus

I have seen in several websites belonging to Mormons a picture of Jesus that makes me scratch my head. He looks like somebody Hitler would be proud to have over for tea.See here.

Can somebody explain to me why Jesus is blond and Teutonic-looking? I understand if Renaissance artists did it, but in this time and age?

Everyone wants a Jesus that looks like them. It makes him easier to love.

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Why can you understand when Rennaisance artists did it but not when we do it?

It makes it easier to answer the question not only of “When is this dude coming back?,” but “Will I actually let him in?”.

It is largly due to plain ole bigotry. Religious people seem to need their gods and man-gods to look like them, not the ‘others’. I recall several years ago in Dallas, I believe, a theater group was running Jesus Christ Superstar and cast an african american as JC. The ticket people recall getting many calls of people saying they would not see the show until they got a ‘proper’ actor for the lead.

I haven’t been able to find anything online about this, but it propably happened some time in the early 90’s.

Ignorance. Bigotry was also not as offensive to as many people.

Reminds me of that quote by that Greek philosopher: “If horses had gods, their gods would look like horses.”

In that case, why does he so often look like a damn hippie? :wink:

BTW, the picture the OP linked to is not what I’d call “blond.”

What is he supposed to look like then? I bet the actual Jesus looked like a swarthy Danny DeVito but, being the earthly manifestation of the all-mighty God, he chooses to look like whatever the current day ideal is, keeping only the trademark hair and beard so he is easily identified.

Back in the 60’s, when I was a kid, it struck me as odd that Jesus was depicted as bearded and long haired, the very things the church-going folks I knew hated. Apparently it’s the hair that makes the Jesus, the rest is open to interpretation.

As I’ve pointed out in other threads, it is Paul who claimed that long hair on a man was disgraceful, and he reported seeing the resurrected Jesus, so one can assume that Jesus did not have long hair, unless that’s why it was disgraceful.

Of course, there are different definitions of long.

Yeah, if that’s what the people in the other recent thread call “blond”, the default hair color for Spaniards isn’t “brown”. I wouldn’t even call the hair on that pic “light brown”…

What kind of bindings does Nordic Jesus use?

Yeah, my bad. I have seen pictures of blond Jesus, that one is not one though. But that dude is clearly not middle-eastern (as they would look at the time). In fact he looks Northern European, possibly Nordic.

Apparently,Jesus actually looked like one of the kings at the Argonath:

He looks like a biker.

That’s what I said!

The most famous picture of Jesus is Warner Sallman’s The Head of Christ:

In fact, there are some estimates that it’s the most reproduced picture of all time.

I love this.

For a compendium of the many faces of the Lord, check this out!