Nordstrom gift certificate--fact or scam?

I got a link via email that opens a web page at They are offering a $250 Nordstrom gift cert if you provide your email address and those of 5 friends.

My bullshitometer is off the scale. Anybody know anything factual about this offer?

Looks like another of the typical variety of pyramid scemes going around.

Get a free DVD player. Get a free iPod. Get a free laptop. blah blah blah.

Notice that the page says, “If you COMPLETE AN OFFER” and your 5 friends do too. The “Offers” are usually things like signing up for credit cards, or signing up for purchasing clubs (book clubs, CD clubs, etc. etc.), or buying things.

I would guess that the larger the value of the “free gift”, the more “offers” have to be completed (by you and/or your friends).

There’s a discussion of a similar scheme here

I think Monstre is right. The FAQ section of that site says:

So it’s not just a matter of giving them e-mail addresses; you and your friends will all have to buy something.