Norm MacDonald "Me Doing Standup"

I love Norm and have followed his comedy career since before he was on SNL. I think he just has a really funny way of telling jokes.

His show last night was pretty good, not his best, but still very funny.

I liked his observations, “If you die of cancer, you didn’t lose the battle. It’s a draw because the cancer dies, too.”

Not perfect, but a pretty funny routine.

We loved it. I really miss him from the old SNL days. It looks like he’s put on some weight over the years.

I also liked the Alcoholics Anonymous routine . . . so long as I don’t tell you my last name, I can tell you anything.

Norm Macdonald just about made me piss myself last night. :smiley:

He was the only one who could do Bob Dole and crack me up.

I saw him last November. Really funny. Much better than I was expecting. My only regret is that I forgot a lot of his routine. Is there a CD/DVD?

I cringed when I found out Norm was taking over High Stakes Poker from Gabe Kaplan, but his commentary has been surprisingly not-bad. He doesn’t have the same insight into the players’ tactics, but he also isn’t completely clueless, and his jokes don’t get in the way of the game.

It’s nothing like the inane babbling you get from, say, Norman Chad.

I looked up clips on YouTube. He’s hilarious, but he looks so weird. It doesn’t just look like he’s fatter, but like something’s different on his face. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think he used to wear a beard and now doesn’t. If it wasn’t for his voice, he could pass for a different person.

Not seeing it at all. He just looked heavier, but the same as always.