RIP Norm MacDonald

One of my favourites. Damn.

Or so the Germans would like you to think. . .

RIP, funny man.

Sad to hear.

If you did not know SNL axed him because an NBC exec was friends with OJ and did not like Norm constantly bashing OJ over the Nicole/Ron murder

Very funny guy - sorry to hear this. His sitcom, in which he played a probation officer, was consistently worth watching. Rest in peace, Norm.

You know who’s responsible, don’t you? That’s right! Frank Stallone.

First Sean Lock, and now Norm. RIP, fellas.

I for one, would like to think Norm will be watching Henry Fonda pick blueberries in the great by and by.

Oh no. :frowning_face:

Farewell, Turd Ferguson.

(Before I get reported for threadshitting, here’s one of his appearances on SNL playing Burt Reynolds on Celebrity Jeopardy)

So sad. He was always my favorite Weekend Update anchor and I loved his comedy specials. He had a sports highlights show for like 2 seconds and I thought it was so funny.

My other lasting memory of him was seeing him on $100,000 pyramid back in the day. He was so competitive and you could tell he really really wanted to win and was physically mad at himself whenever he lost/messed up. It was great. I want to say I saw him on another game show and he was the same way, dude wanted to win.

Note to Self: Rest in Peace

Cancer is a piece of shit.

“And the reason I don’t like it is 'cause in the old days, they’d go, “Hey, that old man died.” Now, they go, “Hey, he lost his battle.” That’s no way to end your life, you know? What a loser that guy was. Last thing he did was lose.”


Aw man, RIP Normie. When I was going off the rails last year, it was binging his work (and live Police performances) that kept me tethered to reality. The moth joke is still one of my favorites.

His last big role, as Pigeon, made me laugh so hard.

Please watch Norm’s 1997 appearance on Conan where he decided to just outright rip into Courtney Thorne-Smith’s choice to be in the Carrot Top movie. I still tear up thinking about it.

I’ve followed his career since his earliest TV appearances. He was one of those celebrities that I kind of discovered before he was super famous. I’m really sad to learn he has died. We lost a hilarious guy.

I love the bit on one of his CD’s where he ponders how the Fantastic Four have names that describe them…except Stretchy-man who goes by “Mr. Fantastic” for some reason.

Damn, Was thinking not to long ago that he had gone off the Radar entirely. IWas going to look into why. Guess i know now.

Wow, that’s surprising news. RIP to a unique funny man!

I see what you did there.

Spookily, one of the ads in this thread is for Peacock, featuring Burt Reynolds, one of Norm’s greatest impressions.

A sad day for comedy

That’s a shame to learn. I always loved his delivery.

And this clip of Norm reading the gift basket card to Conan right after he was let go from the Tonight Show is a classic (2:30):

I never really think of him that way, but he was a good impressionist. At about 12:45 of this clip from Kimmel, Norm breaks out a pretty random impression and nails it.