RIP Norm MacDonald

Dang! I loved his Burt impressions. RIP Turd.

Remember, he didn’t lose his battle with cancer. The cancer has died too, so it’s really more of a draw.

Wow, what a tragedy. RIP

And ninja’d on the “it was a draw” joke.

“The thing is…I think most rapists are hypocrites. You rarely see a rapist say, ‘Well, I just really like raping.’, but if you did, at least he wouldn’t be a hypocrite…and I think that’s the worst part.”

Aw man, this news really hurt.

I always liked that bit too.

At the Espy’s in 1994.

“Charles Woodson. Won the Heisman trophy, congratulations. That’s something they can never take away from you! Unless you kill your wife and her waiter! So keep that in mind!”

“O.J. said the other day he would have taken a bullet for Nicole Simpsons. Man, that’s a shame, the one guy who would have sacrificed his life for you…kills you.”

I loved Norm so much!

I’m not sure I want to live in a world where Bob Dole outlives Norm McDonald.

Here is one of the older bits from Norm. I remember this act really well, like it’s totally the act I fell in love with when his career was early.

Norm in 1990

Apparently, like Chadwick Boseman, he kept it a secret until near the end.

Which, yeah, their choice, and given that they were both working until they absolutely couldn’t, it was for the better.

But, boy did it make their passing hit harder from the surprise.

That’s a shame. I saw him live about 2 years ago. He was really funny, but I thought he looked a lot older than 60. Probably related to the cancer.

Satoshi Kon did the same thing and it was devastating. In his case, he had not told almost any of his family. He prepared a blog post to hit when he died explaining he had 100% terminal pancreatic cancer for awhile and had continued working the entire time.

Apropos observation from MacDonald, from a 2018 interview with Vulture Magazine:

VM: I can imagine being on my deathbed and thinking, why did I waste so many meals on yogurt?

Norm: Absolutely. You know, I think about my deathbed a lot.

VM: What do you think about it?

Norm: I think I should never have purchased a deathbed in the first place.

Wow, this is a shock.

He played Death on Family Guy.

He did excellent Letterman and Larry King impressions too.

He was one of the funniest humans who ever lived.

“Julia Roberts told reporters this week that her marriage to Lyle Lovett has been over for some time. The key moment, she said, came when she realized that she was Julia Roberts, and that she was married to Lyle Lovett.”

One of my favorite bits from Weekend update:

"And in music news, the number one act on the college charts this summer was Better than Ezra.

The number two act? Ezra."

And this one: “The new Kenny G Christmas album is out. Happy Birthday, Jesus - hope you like CRAP!!!

Dole (or more likely an aide 70 years his junior) tweeted out his condolences earlier today.

A post I saw elsewhere also reminded me that Norm did the finest depiction of Col Sanders that we’ve seen in the history of fried chicken.

My favorite Norm jokes ever was during the Bob Saget roast where he gave the deliberately corniest jokes but his presentation made them hilarious.

Greg Giraldo is here. He has the grace of a swan, the wisdom of an owl, and the eye of an eagle—ladies and gentlemen, this man is for the birds!