Normally, I don't think twice about what I dream about... (warning -- kinda graphic)

But over the past couple months, I have had a lot of dreams where I am getting hyper-violent on people. We’re not just talking about shooting or stabbing someone.

Last night I dreamed that I carved this guy up with a barber’s straight razor. Not just a slash… but a full on, nasty as hell, horror flick, dismemberment kinda deal. Each arm and leg individually, fingers and toes, torso, face, head.

And that’s not the first one. Bludgeoning people with lead pipes, chopping with axes, that sort of thing. Always with my hands and a small tool, and involving much, much overkill. Probably 5 or 6 dreams like this over the past 3 months.

I wake up just thinking WTF is wrong with me? I like to think that I am a well-balanced person. I’m not walking around angry all the time and I know completely that I couldn’t ever go through with anything like that, even if I thought it was OK, which I don’t.

So, hopefully without inviting a bunch of New-Age dream wizards to tell me that my chakra is out of alignment, I ask you all:

Would these sort of dreams worry you if you started having them semi-frequently? This is really beginning to bother me, and I don’t know what to do about it.

Well, dreams like this usually arise when the muladhara chakra is out of alignment and blocking the chi flow. A regular course of moxibustion will help.

Oh, wait, belay that–no it won’t.

I don’t put much stock in dream interpretation, of any kind from New Age to Freudian. I have suspicions that the theory that dreams reflect deeper secrets of character has done more harm than it has good, for pretty much this kind of reason–people can have dreams of doing things they simply never would in waking, and get all knotted up inside about it.

My attitude is essentially that the brain knows what it’s doing even if consciousness is a little (or a lot) befuddled by the results. Don’t obsess over them, and they’ll likely fade out–obsessing over them strengthens the memories and emotional tangled-upness of them, which makes their repetition all the more likely.

mouthbreather, has anything physical changed recently? I find that when I feel ill in some way, it shows up in my dreams. Most recently a blister on my foot manifested in some really wacko dreams of being tortured by inquisitors. (To my dismay, I actually know what the word “bastinado” means. Ugh.)

Maybe your body is doing something that makes you feel really angry, or something similar. Do you wake up very tense, or feeling really fevered, or anything? When I get angry, my blood rings in my ears, and perhaps if I had a bad ear infection (producing the same symptoms) I might dream about being royally ticked off, too.

It may not be some “deep emotional problem,” just a reaction to the vitamin supplements you started taking before bed, for instance. So what’s new in your routine?


I have a close friend who only dreams about war. Killing, bombing, all the horrific stuff-- he never dreams about anything that isn’t violent (well, according to him, anyway–). He thinks it’s due to being overall a stressed out person. Perhaps you are internalizing a stressful situation, and your frustration is leaking into your dreams.

On the other hand, everyone has totally bizarre and disturbing dreams from time to time. I wouldn’t take it too seriously unless you find out that it WASN’T a dream! :eek:

I’ve been having “hyper-violent” dreams for over 15 years.
I used to have them every night but now it’s about once a week. I gave up trying to interpret what the deeper meaning was and just decided that dreams are crazy.

If it started bleeding over into my awake life I would worry about it but it never has. FWIW dream most of the dream interpreters I’ve read don’t view killing in your dreams as killing in real life. They say you are struggling with making a change or something like that.

I say you must really want to change something bad to gouge its eyes out don’t you think? :smiley:

Are you on any kind of medication? Any at all that you haven’t been taking before? How about herbal stuff? I remember an article (either in Salon or Slate, I could try to dig it up if you like) in which the author was experimenting with various herbal remedies for stress and depression; he wrote that while on one of them, he had dreams about a game in which the object was to flay one’s opponents with metal hooks.

Aside from that I’d definitely say stress is inspiring these. Even if you don’t recognized your victims, they could represent real life people or situations. My mom once admitted to having a recurring dream in which she beat the living daylights out of her own mother. Now, her mother was, at that time, an incredibly demanding, often bitter, and just generally extremely difficult to deal with. During waking hours my mom treated her beautifully, but it’s no great leap to figure where that dream was coming from.

I moxibust almost every night and morning that my girlfriend is not staying with me, so that can’t be the prob…oh, wait a minute, nevermind. :smiley:

No, No, and Nothing. Those are the frist things I though about (well, except the physical changes).

So now, I guess all of you aren’t coming to my next slumber party, huh? :wink:

The rational side of me, which nearly always is in control, is telling me to do the same. They are just so graphic that it’s hard to believe that I just spent that amount of time and detail thinking about it.

Nope. For a week stretch a couple of years ago I tried taking that…herb for sleeping, not ginko baloba, but, ah, screw it, I can’t remember – you know the one I am talking about. It made my dreams go completely whack so I stopped taking it.

I keep having dreams where I have to hide a body. Usually it’s not that I’ve killed the person. I just have this embarassing body in my house or my car, and I know I’ll probably get into trouble if I get caught with it.

I find if I dwell on these dreams, they tend to repeat, so I’ll echo the advice above. As long as you don’t have violent urges in your waking life, rest assured that there’s nothing wrong with you, and put your bad dreams out of your mind as much as possible.

If they’re really bothering you, and especially if they interfere with your sleep, maybe you should consider seeing a professional.

Have your sleeping quarters changed at all? I once had some noisy neighbors move in, and during the wee hours my brain started generating some pretty violent scenes. I finally figured it out when I woke up from a dream featuring a running chainsaw to the sound of a vacuum overhead. My brain just picks up the noises and tries to fit them in somehow. Any increase in noise in your nights?

Also, when is the last time you had your chakras in for the 1000-lifetime tuneup? Wait… nevermind.


The big question is are any of the victims in your dreams people you know in real life?

If not perhaps these people symbolize something else in you life. Perhaps they are obstacals your past that you overcame in the past.

Or maybe you’re just nuts.
I hope you aren’t a high school kid because if you are and you wrote this down you would be in so much trouble.

Seawitch: I’ve been in the same bedroom in the same house for 2 and a half years now. Usually listen to music while I sleep to drown out any other noise, and I have done this for many years, probably half my life.

Zebra: There are people that I know in my dreams, but the person I wind up killing is never anyone I know. And I graduated from high school ten years ago.

Some nights I’ll tell myself jokes in my sleep that I’ve never heard before and will wake up dying laughing. This invariably wakes up my wife because I’m just shaking with laughter, I’ll tell her the joke and she cracks up too. I mean some of these are really funny. This kinda has me concerned that there’s this subconscious guy in my mind that’s working completely outside of my conscious. Well, at least he has a sense of humor.

Hey MB, why don’t you tell us one dream in particular from beginning to end with as much detail as possible. That would make interpertation much easier.

But I wouldn’t fret about it. I think most people have violent day dreams much less night versions.

Oddly enough, last night I dreamed that I was violently murdered. First someone stabbed me with a foot-long butcher’s knife, and then when he realized I wasn’t dead he started slashing at my face with a razor. It didn’t hurt, but it was kind of annoying. I remember telling him to cut it out, I would just lie still for a while or something.

During my divorce I went through about a year of therapy and did some “dream work” as it was called. I don’t know that I buy it by the whole cloth, but some of it was helpful. I had one where I killed my now ex-wife in a hyper-violent way. My take on it - by instituting the divorce I was destroying the “old” J - she’d never be the same. I was, in effect, killing her (and our relationship).

The people in your dreams don’t really represent anyone in particular, instead they represent something that you feel you need to change and change radically. Any relationships you’re feeling ambivalent about? The violence is a way of upping the impact it has on your conscious mind - if you’d killed these “people” by poisoning them perhaps you would have never remembered the dream.

And now, how do you feel about your mother…

OK, here goes (as much as I remember)

Most of my family was at this resort type mountain lodge. (In real life, my sister was married last November) It was my sister and her husband, but they weren’t married yet. Also, it wasn’t really her husband. He sent this guy who looked just like him (only my sister and I knew this) to “stand in” for him so that my family wouldn’t be pissed off. So, it was kind of like a half weekend getaway, half wedding preparation and planning. They are meeting with dress designers, the minister, caterers, etc. I am trying to help out, but there is some guy in this lodge who keeps following me everywhere. The more I become aware of him, the more he seems to be around. So finally, after him following me around for 2 days I am walking down this hallway by myself and he is right behind me. I throw him into this side room (and, come to think of it, it seems an awful lot like the basement of the church my parents went to when I was much younger) and ask him why the hell he is following me. He says he isn’t, and that he is just doing his job. I shove him down and ask him again why he’s following me , and he pulls out a straight razor, and gives me the “Look buddy, just leave me alone. I don’t want to hurt you, just leave me alone” – and he starts for the door. I jump on him, get the razor away (get cut three or four times myself in the process) and then just start slicing the hell out of him – In great detail, and it seems like I spend a half hour doing it.

Then I woke up. I don’t remember any other’s details. That one I just had 2 or 3 nights ago. It’s been a few weeks since the last one before that.

Let’s see… a church, a straight razor, lots of blood…

I bet it’s just a circumcision flashback. Tug-Ahoy’d clear it right up.

[sub]not ducking and running: I deserve the dope-slap[/sub]

A couple of questions.

Any details about the victim? Age? How was he dressed?

In your other dreams, what is your motive for killing. Do they all follow you or do your motives vary?

If you want to just e:mail me.


Jack Torrance had a dream like that. The next thing you know, he was chasing his wife and son around the Overlook with an axe.

This latest guy was smallish, wearing cheap business casual clothes, like a button-down and khakis, but low end stuff. Maybe 40 years old. Balding, and a mustache. And before you ask, I don’t know anyone who looks specifically like that.
Don’t remember the motive in the other dreams. Really, It’s hard for me to rermember details from any of them, I’m just left with that “WTF is wrong with me?” feeling.