Norse numerals?

Damn, I should know this… but I don’t, and I can’t seem to find any.
I want 793 tattooed on my neck, and I want it done in style…

Not quite clear from your OP - but I think you’re looking for Runes. Try Wikipedia or Google.

How old are you? I have tattoos, including a full leg-piece. Think long and hard before you get a tattoo where it can’t be concealed. You may change your mind when you get older, and decide a neck tattoo wasn’t such a good idea after all.

Please don’t get me wrong - I love my tattoos and don’t regret any of them. But I know several people who got very visible ones who came to regret it through lost employment opportinuities, etc.

haha about the job opportunities… I have this wonderful idea.
I’m at this job interview, well-dressed, groomed and behaved, doing the best interview I can. then at the end, I casually (just like I’m not thinking about it) reveal an underarm tattoo of a Bill Hicks quote: “Sorry, I was taking life seriously”
Wouldn’t have any tattoo I can’t conceal, though. Low on the neck should be fine.

I’ve searched for runes and the futhark… it seems vikings spelled numbers. Shame really, would be much more elegant in numerals. I think I’ll have to pass, then.

21 and eight days, by the way. And I’ve been considering it for… eight days.
I really don’t think I’ll regret a tattoo though, as long as it’s concealable.
Plus I know this guy who’s learning how to tattoo… so I’m getting it free… hahaha

I know this sounds promising.

Hey, yelimS.

I’m a fan of notational systems in general, and while questions about them don’t come up very often, I am off like a rabbit to my library to help.

I must say that I was not familiar with a Norse version of a numerical system off the top of my head, so I went digging around my bookshelves. I found a volume entitled “A History of Mathematical Notations: Two Volumes Bound As One” by Florian Cajori and printed by Dover Books in 1993, as an “unabridged and unaltered republication in one volume of the work first published in two volumes by The Open Court Publishing Company, La Salle, Illinois, in 1928 and 1929” (if you need more info, I can type it out for you).

After all that, there isn’t even an entry for “Norse” in the index. You may be out of luck, here. Not every culture has had a written numerical system. I’ll keep digging, if you like, but success isn’t guaranteed. Just so you know.

(Sorry–as always–for the double post)

You might be happy to know that I dug out something else. This is from a book that you can find on Amazon called Western Mysteries (Key of It All). It is volume two of a pair of books about mystical/magical alphabets, and has a chapter on runes.

The neat thing about this pair of books is that it is rather comprehensive about the different magical disciplines and interpretations of the writing systems in question. The difficulty is that whilst I’ve got answers to your question, I’ve got more than one.

There are (in short) different solutions to your query, and you are going to have to decide which one works for you. Since this board doesn’t support the use of graphics, I don’t want to wade through the hooplah of starting up an image-hosting website and linking to stuff. Amazon has the book for under $30.00; you might want to grab it just for reference. It should give you what you’re looking for.

(Get Volume I while you’re at it. Never hurts to have a complete set.)

You could try this link which appears to originate from Sweden.

The site does contain an eddress, so the owner may be able to give you a direct translation.