Tattoo question

So, I want a tattoo. I either want a Liver bird, a la the Liverpool Football Club badge

Or some kind of arabic or some such foreign writing that says “62” don’t ask why, it’s not funny or interesting.

Does anyone have any suggestions where I can get some ideas for the foreign writing or any other ideas for tattoos?

My wife and I both have tattoos containing Thai script, to mark a significant experience we had in Thailand last year. Thai numbers are quite cool, and very obscure to anyone but a Thai. You can construct 62 with the information on that page. However, unless you’re actually Arab or something, wouldn’t you want a script that is more personal to you?

The whole thing about 62 is that it’s very personal to myself and a selected bunch of my friends. The story about it wouldn’t interest anyone or even be remotely funny but we built it up until it was. Thanks for the link, that will be extremely helpful in making my decision.

And what, pray tell, are these “arabic numerals” you talk of? I mean, presumably you are talking about something besides the Hindu-Arabic numerals that you already have on your keyboard?

Not a big fan of obsuring the meaning of tattoos by using another language. What’s wrong with just “62” in the common script.

I can’t imagine a football logo having enough enduring significance to merit a tattoo, but you are the best judge of that.

These, perhaps?

Apricot, I’m guessing from what he says, the guy doesn’t want to have to explain them, thus wishes to conceal them somewhat.