North Korea has changed the conscription standards

North Koreans are getting shorter from shortages in food. Lack of nutrition is causing poor growth during the period of growth, making North Koreans shorter and small.
Due to this phenomenon, North Korea has changed the conscription standards.
In 2008, the limit was 150cm, and 48kg, but from this March, the limit was changed to 142cm.
North Korean soldiers have the physique of elementary students.
Machine guns are 1m long in average. I wonder how a 140cm tall soldier can carry and handle a weapon more than half his height.
It’s been told that the North Korean regime is encouraging its people to exercise, but without nutrition and food supply, all the efforts are deemed to be fruitless. It’s pathetic that the North Koreans are unable to see the fundamental problem, and going off topic.

And the debate is…

what again?

I think I see the nutritional problem.

Hmmm…short, militarized, living in a ruined land under a tyranny headed by a crazed leader who portrays himself as some kind of God-King…so here’s the debate:

“Are or are not North Koreans evolving into Orcs?”

Is Gollum considered an orc? I’d say they’re more likely to turn into Gollum than one of those big burly orcs sieging Minas Tirith.

It’s not a new problem. I remember reading an article years ago that said the average S. Korean soldier outweighed his N. Korean counterpart by about 40 pounds but I forget how many inches taller he was. Though if N. Korea is lowering standards to get enough soldiers it’s a sign that things haven’t improved much in the last decade. When you don’t have enough food to even feed the guys with guns there’s a problem.

Actually in the books the common orcs were shorter than Men; that’s why hobbits could disguise themselves as one.

Gollum is a mutated hobbit type critter, so would seem quite fitting seen as its 100% environmental.

“'They were [del]Elves[/del] Koreans once…tortured, and mutilated…a ruined and terrible form of life.”

Aren’t the Uruk-Hai larger than men though?

This is what happens when you gear an entire country solely to war… and then don’t fight any wars.

Human sized, I think.

Nope, approaching human-size, is how JRRT described it. Lots bigger than the run of the mill orcs, fiercer too.

They’d been around for a few centuries, first seen by Gondor during the reign of Denethor I, circa 2460.

Goblins, not Orcs. :slight_smile:

Well, if the OP is correct, they’re not going to be gobblin’ anything anytime soon!

Actually, Goblin is just another word for Orc.

Searching for PRECIOUSSSSSSSS food.

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At least they’ll be able to order child size uniforms from the Sears catalog. That’ll save them money in the long run.

Isn’t it interesting that Li’l Kim looks like a bloated Pillsbury Doughboy while his people are starving??

I’m not sure if I’m remembering this correctly, but I thought I’d read that most, if not all, of the food aid NK receives goes to the elites, then to the army, and on one occasion, many tons of food just rotted in the port because they couldn’t be bothered to distribute it. Honestly, I don’t recall when this supposedly happened, so I have no cite, but in light of what little I know about life in NK, I find it believable.

I guess if you starve your minions, they won’t have the strength or stamina to stage a revolt.