North Korea has launched a missile.

CNN is reporting that North Korea has launched a missile, but not the long-range one the U.S. has been watching.

A test, or a real missile?

The banner on CNN says “North Korea has test-launched a missile but not the long-range weapon the U.S. has been monitoring, sources tell CNN”

Now it says “North Korea test-fires at least three missiles, one of them a long-range weapon that the U.S. has been monitoring, U.S. sources say.”

Time left to build a fall-out shelter?

This page reports 4 mid-range missles fired.

More from CNN…

You ever get the feeling the USA intelligence agency isn’t the brightest bulb in the knife drawer?

If only there was a Team of American* forces ready to deal with North Korea.

*Fuck Yeah!

CNN is calling the test “apparently unsuccessful”.

They’re SCUDs which have a habit of breaking up while in flight, though I suppose that’s not much comfort for the Japanese.

I thought it was traditional to launch exploding rockets on the 4th of July.

The North Koreans are just trying to understand you americans, thats all


“Capitalist running dog Americans” to you, bucko.

White House says 6 missiles were fired, including 1 long range missile.


They seem a bit fuzzy on some details, though.

“Four of the five missiles were short range and the long-range Taepodong-2 failed after 35 seconds. The short-range missiles landed in the Sea of Japan.”

Heh. So much for *“with a relentless annihilating strike and a nuclear war with a mighty nuclear deterrent.” *.

Guess they meant “with a noisy fart and a flacid phallus” or something.

[Kim Il Jong: What are you going to do about it, Hans Blix?

Blix: I’ll report you to the Security Council and they’ll send you a nasty letter telling you just how angry they are.](

The thing about multiple launch sites is that the TD-2 (the longest ranged system they fired) launches from a Cape Canaveral style fixed gantry and takes days or weeks to prepare for a launch. The other systems that were launched are all road-mobile, and can be fired from anywhere you can fit their trucks and support equipment. It’s the difference between keeping track of a barge crane with a wrecking ball, and keeping track of several pickup trucks full of DeWalt tools.

The big one was supposed to be the centerpiece of the whole thing, but it failed partway through its first stage. The other systems are regularly test-fired into the Sea of Japan. Yawn