U.S. sees possible North Korea space launch in near future


They say that it could happen within a couple of weeks and that it’s basically the same technology as used for ICBMs.

How much of a concern is this? Are they deterable in the same way that the Soviets and the US were? Can anything be done to prevent this? Do they have even crude nuclear devices that are portable enough to launch on a missile?

Other than violating all of the sanctions on them, which they don’t care about anyway as long as the Chinese keep pumping them oil and refrigerators…

It poses no danger to us other than as continued development of more reliable missile technology.

If they were to actually launch a bomb at anyone, all bets are off and I don’t think that even the most strident Chinese threats could stop us from responding.

But is the leadership deterable? My guess would be that, however crazy or incompetent Kim Jong-un might be, the military leadership would refuse to launch a nuclear first strike, at least I would hope that’s the case.

In which case they’d all be executed.

North Korea is one gigantic repeating Loyalty Test. Orders for mobilization and actions are regularly sent to units to ‘test’ them. Officers who are slow or question their orders are cashiered or executed. I would not be completely surprised to hear that fatboy ordered his army to launch a nuclear missile, just to see if they would comply with the order, planning to order them to stand down during the final count-down.

Heh. I imagine we’ll have a North Korean Moon Landing Hoax one day.

They’ve launched.


Could the US realistically use the NK launches to test missile defense systems?