North Korea May Test ICBM This Weekend

It’s apparently on the pad being fuelled up.

I’m not liking the looks of this.


Living in downtown Tokyo does have its down points.

Ah well, at least it’s all your’s turn to have North Korea shooting stuff overhead.

Boy, and I thought my reaction* was inappropriate!
*Which was to think of Crimson Tide. “North Korean missiles will have launch capability in 15 minutes.”

Oh, good, something else to worry about.

Anyone else humming “We Will All Go Together When We Go” right now?

Aw, don’t worry…if the worst happens, Uncle Sam and John Bull will send a chorus of screaming Reds to be your slaves in afterlife. An atomic Gochihr to purify the Earth with a grand feast for the nuclear Molech! I can already savor the sweet, leady taste of hard fission! And Darkness and Decay and the Holy Fallout shalt hold illimitable dominion over all!

There. How’s dat for “inappropriate”? :wink:

Well if someone tells me where the giant caves are, I’ll always be happy to go with Dr. Strangelove’s plan:


THIS is the most likely result of this test.

Thier leader is the person I’ve had marked as the biggest threat in the world, since his father did. The both considered themselves God’s. Every year he extorts stuff from the surrounding countries threating to set off a nuclear bomb to comtaminate their people. He does nothing to help his own people, and they are lefft to starve to death.

In other news, sun rises in East. :wink:

Now the sun itself has allied it with the hideous Orientals! Run, run I tells ya!