Northern Cascades Park in June - lots of snow?

I have a couple days vacation owed to me and am considering a short visit to North Cascades park in Washington state, because its close and looks awesome.

Anyone here have any experience visiting in early June? I’d be doing some dayhiking and not camping, and I’m basically wondering about weather conditions and the amount of snow remaining in the higher elevations that time of year. Mostly I’m wondering if it will still be covering the ground like a mid-winter blanket, or patchy, etc. I’m not especially keen on hiking through snowbanks.

Hi Jeff, I grew up just off that highway in Sedro Woolley, and you won’t have any problem with snow, unless you are heading uop into higher elevations (llike above 4000 feet). Rain however, might make for a rather damp vacation. The true “Summer Season” doesn’t really start in the Northwest until after the fourth of july. Then you can really count on good sunny days.

Otherwise, you will have a great time. Most of the dayhiking trails and campgrounds in that park have amazing views!
Have Fun!

I was looking at some of the elevations for the dayhikes, and the highest points were 5000 - 6000ft. I’m prepared for some snow, I just don’t want to be hiking through the stuff the entire way.

Rain I can deal with, I do live on the Wet Coast after all. :stuck_out_tongue: