Norton AntiVirus question

Does anyone know how effective the current version of Norton AntiVirus is as an anti-spyware and anti-adware tool? Or is there anything else you’re aware of that’s effective for this purpose?

My company currently runs Norton AntiVirus Enterprise Edition V7.6. Lately though, I’ve seen more problems due to spyware and adware than viruses. The Symantec website said that the current version also works to detect spyware and adware. I’d like to hear from anyone who has evaluated it for this purpose.

My solution so far for the infected users has been to run things like Spybot Search & Destroy or AdAware on the individual systems, but I think it’s time for an enterprise solution.

Norton is starting to categorize some spyware as viruses, but it’s spotty and they don’t stop very many. McAfee does have an enterprise virus solution, while Norton doesn’t seem to be working on anything.

There’s also PestPatrol. Or you can use Spyware Blaster to protect your staff. You could probably work out a payment so they get automatic updates.

Thanks. It’s apparent to me that there is a need for enterprise-wide anti-spyware and anti-adware software, perhaps bundled with the antivirus software, but the corporate security companies are just getting into this business.

Also, I’ve been doing web searches for this sort of thing, and found that Computer Associates just purchased PestPatrol.