I have two questions about Norton. For those of you that have both Norton Internet Security and Norton System Works, you know that when you install both of them they integrate themselves into each other. So, why is is that they both still have their own icons down in the tray by the clock (can’t think of it’s name at the moment)? Besides they both pull up the same window, just different parts of it.
Second, has anybody with these programs noticed a slow down in their computer. A long time ago I had a OEM version of McCafee and deleted it. I honestly couldn’t belive that they released a program that would slow a computer down that much. Anyways Norton was fine for a while but it seems like each time I optimize, things are slowing down. Anyone have anytips on what I can do with Norton so my computer speeds back up, any Norton Services I can do without? Does anyone know how to disable the Protected recycle bin? That’s something I don’t need.

In the Norton SystemWorks window, click on Options, then select “Norton SystemWorks” (boy, I hate sounding so redundant). Go to the General tab, then see if “Use the Norton Tray Manager” box is checked or not. Exit from this dialog box.

Go to Options again, and select “Internet Security.” In the General tab, see if “Show Taskbar Icon” is checked or not.

If both of these are checked, that’s why you see two icons in the tray.

Can’t help you on the speed issue, as I’ve not experienced it.

The 3 programs (including norton antivirus which IIRC is part of N Internet security) do take a toll on system performance. You must ask yourself do you need those things running continously. Norton AV I highly recommend - for short times I will deactivate it but mainly I leave it running.

You may or may not need N.I.S. It provides a firewall. You may or may not need one. You may be using a hardware firewall. You might do better with a dedicated firewall program such as zonealarm??? (I’m not sure thats it but it’s a pupular shareware firewall) which doesn’t strain system resources so much.

Norton systemworks - IIRC that’s a bunch of utilities such as disk optimizers and such. I would say don’t have that running in the background. Use it when you need it and turn it off when your done. There may be some features you want though (I think it can restore a system to a previous state) - you must weigh the options of slow performance vs security.

If you are new to computers then it may be worth it for you to have these things running.