Having had the pleasure last evening of a viewing of the 1922 German silent movie “Nosferatu” (with live organ accompaniment - awesome!), I am left with one question. I have heard that the actor who played Count Orlock (aka Nosferatu) called himself Max Schreck (maximum scream, in German)for the credits, yet no one knows who the actor really was. Now, here comes the question…in the credits the actor who played Ellen had a feminine name. Was this made up as well? If that actor were, in fact, a lady, then that is by far the scariest part of the movie. Is this a generally agreed upon fact, or am I just a catty female?

According to IMDB,,+Greta , Greta Schröder was a woman actress who appeared in several films of the teens and twenties.


You might want to check out IMDB for Schreck, also.

He made a number of films after “Nosferatu.”

And check out this thread

BE WARNED!!! Do NOT peruse Mike King’s proffered thread above. It talks about Nosferatu for a moment and then wanders off in incredibly detailed pointlessness about anything and everything except N. Talk about vampires; that thread just sucked away ten minutes of my life that I’ll never get back.

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Yes, and that was probably the ten minutes of your life that you were going to spend on cancer research.

Anyway, to spare any other disappointments here’s a preview of the thread. It’s a MPSIMS thread so it has no official topic, but it starts out with someone saying they observed a car with a nosferatu license plate. There were a couple of questions about the word and then my explanation about the term nosferatu, the movie Nosferatu, and its relationship with the novel Dracula. All of the nosferatu-related posts (so far) are within the first ten messages at the start of the thread.