Nosmo King, Junks Hop, Not Hanks

What are some others?

It has to have been an Urban Legend or the like, but I recall some family named King naming a child Nosmo after seeing the name on a barn door that was slightly ajar.

Be that as it may, here’s an opportunity to display your wit and observational skills by listing pairs of words that (at least in a minor way) make sense once they’re split on different pairs of letters.

And even though it’s not quite the same thing (at least as spelled out) if you can make sound-alikes by splitting names, turn your hand to that, too. Example: one of the guys at work became (for a work buddy and I who enjoyed this sort of thing) Bilge Arrell. I suppose you can figure his real name?

Hap P. Trails

Kee Pout

SNL’s Jeopardy sketches brought us “the penis mightier” and “anal bum cover”. I can’t remember any others, unfortunately.

Nice Lee Dun

A street sign on an airbase: Bomza Way

Nosmo King was the stage name of English music hall comedian H. Vernon Watson as explained here.

I’m still amazed that an actual person – and one with an incredible life at that – really did have the name Armand Hammer.

I like that version better!

When I was visiting England in 1978, I was amused to see that British Rail had signs in railway car windows that were split to fit the vertically divided windows and read “NO SMO | KING” where the bar represents the divider between the two halves of the window.

It’s always been a habit of mine to point out how creepy seeing a Psycho The Rapist is. Seriously, someone who would willingly see a psycho the rapist needs mental help…wait…uhmm…

The day is mine, Trebek! I’ll take The Rapists for 200!


I seem to remember that Nosmo King also came from a kids book I read a long time ago. A little girl wanted her dad to quit smoking, so she made a sign to hang up in the living room. But she ran out of room on the page and had to make a second line. Her dad, being ever the wise cracker, asked her who the Nosmo King was.

Anyone remember what book that might’ve been?

That predates the bearded, trenchcoated character of local Pittsburgh TV performer Paul Shannon (“Paul Shannon’s Adventure Time”), who I always thought invented the play on “No Smoking”.

FWIW, my mother worked in a US government building with a sign to which some smart aleck appended the query, “Who is this guy Nosmo King?”

Will someone weigh in about a woman naming her child “Fe-Mahl-Ay”, or “Positive Wasserman”?

And, is Otm Shank really the Brian Dennehy of India? (Simpsons reference).

It’s one of the Ramona Quimby books, by Beverly Cleary. I think it’s Ramona Quimby, Age 8, but it might be a different one. I thought of the same thing when I saw “Nosmo King”.

My Xbox Live screenname is “Dixon Tufar”. Additionally, I’ve heard of Cuban refugees that name their child after the first American thing they see. The first name is “Usnavy”. That could very well be an urban legend, though.

Mr. Land sez to Mrs. Land “You can name our little girl anything you want if I can pick her middle name.” Mrs. Land agrees. He picks “Wonder,” since he knows that Mrs. Land’s favorite girl name of all time is Allison.

Not really a “split name” like you guys are talking about, but I went to high school with a girl named April May June.

Those are the names of Daisy Duck’s nieces!

Back in the day (like, later 80s) I used the alias Phil Harmonic on a few bulletin boards.

That’s cool. I have a friend named April, but she is listed in my phone directory as April May June. :slight_smile: