Nostalgia: Why?

Lately, I have had some weird yearnings…I want to visit places I had been as a child! I also have a strange desire to go into my granfather’s house…even though it was sold off years ago, and I have no idea who the present owner is! Do you ever experience these desires? Why would an adult wish to revisit the scenes from the past? Is this an indication of aproaching senility?:eek:

Ralph dear you’re just joining in one of the most common of yearnings in the human race. One of the television programs I work on is partially based on the premise that people love stories about old places, old ways and old traditions. (Kentucky Life if you’re interested.) There is comfort in the familiar and who wouldn’t want to relive the love and security of childhood?

Cecil on nostalgia

I have no yearnings to goto places that I went to as a child. I don’t even go back to places I’ve lived and stuff except my mother’s house where I grew up since she still lives there.

I do however like to go back to places when when I was a young adult, ie 19-20, mostly to see how things have changed. I did that last month in Ireland and wasn’t too impressed with some places like the pubs. I did however really want to go back to places that have always intersted me, mainly the archaeological sites. I think that’s more because I’m intersted in them then being nostalgic, but maybe it was.

Not exactly yearnings, but I’d like to visit the houses I’ve lived in over the years, just to see how the new owners changed things. My dad’s childhood home in East Baltimore was once an albatross that Dad was afraid he wouldn’t be able to sell. Now it’s across the street from $300K+ homes. I’d love to see what the insides look like.

The house where I grew up has changed some on the outside - mainly landscaping. But I’d like to see if some of the things my dad built 40 years ago are still there. I know my very first apartment no longer exists, but I’d like to revisit the places I lived when in college - just because. If I ever ran across an open house in one of these places, I’d have to go in.