Not a debate but a message for Kricket


I read about your situation in one of the other threads. It seems to me you’re confusing two issues. One is your desire for Ms. Welfare to be held responsible for her actions. At this point, it seems this can only be done through the criminal courts and you should definitely pursue that. The other is obtaining all the necessary treatment for your son. I would encourage you to reconsider going after your in-law’s insurance company. One of the things their premiums are paying for is protection against uninsured drivers. Also, if you pursue a civil lawsuit against Ms. Welfare and obtain a judgment, that judgment remains enforceable for a long period of time–each state varies and I don’t know where you are. That means that if Ms. Welfare wins the lottery five years down the road, you can get at that money. Or you might be able to garnish some of her wages if she gets a job. You should call your local Legal Aid society or see if there’s a clinical pro bono program at a law school in your area–both of these provide free legal services. Also, your state bar association might have a program where a lawyer would take on your case. It actually sounds like the lawyer you consulted touched all the bases–at this point, it seems the only viable source of funds is (possibly) your in-law’s insurer. Good luck.

Thank you for pointing me in a few directions. As a matter of fact I am getting ahold of legal aid on Monday.
My sons care is first and fore most, and for the most part things are going smoothly right now and that is why I can now think about the other aspects of this spectrum.
As for going after my in-laws insurance, the one problem with that is the fact that my father-in-law freaked out at the mention of it because his rates would go up. He is a bit money hungry. To give you an example of his personality I can only ask if you have seen the episode of Saturday Night Live with the grouchy old men game, where they play to see who is the meanest, crotchity old man. More people here are concerned with my son than he is.
The other problem is that we aren’t sure if the policy covers step-relatives.
I do understand that if I persue now and she gains later that I am entitled, but she belongs to a well known large career well-fare families. You are supposed to only be able to collect for five years and then they give you the boot, but these people find a way around it somehow.
I am not passing judgement, they are proud that they don’t work. Well known city wide for how they live.
Like I said, I have been on both sides of the system, so I feel that I have no room to talk down about those who are in the system, but it is just irritating that some people abuse the system and others have to pay the price.