Not a good day for the Easter bunny

or, Tales of Fang and Claw From Jackmannii’s Backyard (soft-hearted Dopers may want to exit the thread here).

My final garden chore on an unexpectedly balmy Sunday evening was to clear away the last of the mulch covering the hardy banana and elephant ears patch. As I scooped up an armload of damp straw, three young rabbits leaped out and scurried away.

Even if I’d wanted to return them to the now-defunct nest, they were way too fast for me to catch, so I figured they could likely fend for themselves and I’d wind up dealing with them later when they began devouring my vegetable and ornamental plantings. Continuing on with my work, a couple minutes later I heard keening and protesting sounds some distance away, turned, and saw a large crow pecking at something on the ground (kind-hearted Dopers should really stop reading at this point). My first thought was that a baby crow had fallen out of its nest and Mama was trying to give it a worm.



As I watched in disbelief, an especially vigorous peck sent a small gray form a couple inches in the air. While I’m by no means a rabbit fan, I attempted to drive off the crow, but it picked up the mini-rabbit and flew to the back of the yard, where it dropped its prey (sadly, too late for any resuscitative efforts).

Hell of a thing to happen on Easter. :frowning:

This was also the most violent event to occur in my yard since the time Bessie the Labrador got into a stare-down with a large groundhog, which lost its nerve and fled with Bessie in hot pursuit. It escaped after receiving a butt-chomp from Bessie, who afterward would return to the spot, like a Civil War veteran revisiting Gettysburg.

I’m thinking it might be safer living in the city. :dubious:

Oh, the cuteness. The widdle bunny ears and twitchy noses. How sweet. NOT! They will clean out a garden in one night. Hate the S.O.B.s. I have a standing war with them every spring. I will win.

I’m a soft-hearted soul with little stomach for violence, but “like a Civil War veteran returning to Gettysburg” has me shaking with laughter.

Years ago, my dog took after a cat that had wandered onto our rural property. The cat scampered up a tree, over the horse barn roof, and thence to, I don’t know, Mew York? Anyway, gone for good. A full year later, Dog was snoozing by my feet in our cozy living room as a neighbor lady talked about getting her daughter a cat. At the word “cat,” Dog jumped up with a startled look that distinctly said “Oh, my God, I overslept!” and started whining in agitation. I let him out, and he beelined for the tree by the horse barn and barked toward the leafless, cat-less, tree branches for a good 15 minutes.

Sorry about the bunny tragedy. Crows can be merciless. No wonder a bunch of crows is called a murder.

A few years back I was riding my bike up a nearby bike path one Easter Sunday morning when around a bend came a pack of lycra clad individuals hurtling towards me at top speed, I had no choice but to turn off the path into the brush. I ran straight over an adult rabbit and it was very dead. I am no rabbit fan but the timing made it feel somewhat revolting. I barely felt a bump thanks to mountain bike suspension and big knobby tyres. We have a lot of crows hanging about a nearby shopping strip, I do wonder how many kittens are lost to them every year.