Not another stupid reality TV show.?!

I can’t stand these fucking reality tv shows anymore. I try just to change the channel but they are everywhere. Some are fun to watch like Fear Factor and of course the Real World but now we are getting a hybrid of game show/reality tv…they are mutating. I can’t stand seeing those screaming mindless fans who actually go to see a taping of American Idol. Gary Coleman and M.C. Hammer now in a show together? What’s next…Danny Bonaduche bachelor? Like an assembly line…all you need is a stupid situation or the generic “live in a house together” format, some deadbeat actors, Tv personalities or unemployed musicians and BAM…you got a show! “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here” and the worst ever “Anna Nicole Show.” I still can’t get American Idol out of my head, even though it’s not pure reality TV…I guess I don’t like the fact that a network feels that the American audience has nothing better to do but sit in front of the TV every wednesday night and vote for THEIR favorite just to see them make one video of someone elses song. Then after a year, they will be hosting Mtv’s Spring Break Dating Game. Seeing these kids screaming and jumping to get their Virgin/Mtv cell phones to vote for their favorite Idol (for a charge of 95 cents, of course). These kids are morons and they fuel the fire. Sitting in TRL watching 1/3 of a video that they see over and over again every day?! And to top it off, the movie “The Real Spring Break.” In theaters this friday!!! I can’t fucking wait to not see this movie…It’s just getting worse and worse. Anybody agree?
I’m really in the wrong line of work to have this attitude.

Read a book.

Haha…Did I ask for advice on how to alleviate my discouragement for network trash? Wait …let me read my post again…No, I didn’t.
I actually read quite a bit…there is no escaping American Idol…you can read but you can’t hide!

Point 1. Danny Bonaduce is married with two kids. I saw that episode of “A Baby Story” on TLC. :smiley:

Point 2. A friend of mine who has text messaging capabilities on his cell phone says voting only costs ten cents. If you phone in your vote, it’s free.

Point 3. The movie is called “The Real Cancun.”

What I’ve gathered from your posts:
You loathe this reality (with or without quotation marks, it doesn’t matter) genre, but you don’t want to get away from it. Right. I can actually feel myself not caring.

My g-d…it’s got you, too!

Add me to the list of “hate this plethora of reality shows but managed to get sucked in by a really awful one anyway”. I caught the opening episode of Mr Personality, and I’m afraid I found it rather interesting! Probably because its host (Monica, eek!) rarely does ANYTHING.

And, speaking as a straight chick (which makes it even more of a compliment), is the chick on that show beautiful or WHAT? Even I couldn’t keep my eyes off her!

Yeah, she’s one bad ass Betty alright. I guess that’s one pro for reality Tv shows…the good looking ladies (and the guys for you, Morrigoon).

Doesn’t matter whether anyone watches or not. They’re really cheap to produce.

True, but advertisers are starting to shy away. I can’t remember where I saw the article, but I think it might have been Monday’s LA Times.

Ah, here it is. But it’ll only be free for a few more days. Advertisers Are Turning Up Their Noses at Reality Programming

I can’t stand these shows. So I don’t watch them.

As a result, I watch much less TV than I used to.

Well like other genres it will pass, after it’s been beaten to death, brought back from the dead, and beaten some more.

Completely random, but does Maury Povich only do these paternity test shows now?