Not changing name.......

… but would like to use lower case. Do I have to re-register?


Send an e-mail to an admin. Do not re-register. Having 2 usernames is not allowed and can get you banned. I usually e-mail TubaDiva. I’m sure she appreciates me sending all my questions her way. She lives for this kind of stuff.

Seriously, e-mail Tuba with your request to change your username.

For your convenience.

Usually I only respond to email requests, but you got me on a good day. :slight_smile:

I have changed your user name to Quasimodem.

I also note that you have two email addresses listed. As you have them listed, none of them will work. Please correct your profile so that one is listed in the email box. If you want to list two, put the second one in the “Biography” box.

your humble TubaDiva